100 Follower Q&A and Challenge!
100 Follower Q&A and Challenge! 100 followers stories

football_girl Im not super active rn but I still care💛
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To celebrate 100 followers, I will be doing...

100 Follower Q&A and Challenge!

Hiya guys!

So, to celebrate 100 followers (yay!), I will be doing...

So, to celebrate 100 followers (yay!), I will be doing... 1. A Q&A (wow, what an ORIGINAL idea! *sarcasm btw*)

So, to celebrate 100 followers (yay!), I will be doing... 1. A Q&A (wow, what an ORIGINAL idea! *sarcasm btw*) 2. A Challenge for you all...

Sooo, for the Q&A you can ask me ANYTHING AT ALL and I will answer honestly (unless you ask me something private, like my address or full name). Be creative! Put your questions in the comments and I will answer in a separate post.

For the challenge, I have a competition for you...

I want to see who can write the best story from this opening (next page). You can be as creative, weird, dark or just downright crazy as you like! The story can be as long or short as you want, and anything can happen in it. Basically, everything is up to you. The only rule is no swearing/adult content, because to be honest, if it’s like that I don’t really want to read it.

I will judge, along with two other judges which could be any of you. If you want to judge, just say so in the comments :) There might be a prize if I can think of something worth giving... Judging will be based on: Creativity Enjoyment Of The Reader Plot Characters And twist...if you include a plot twist.

Tag my name if you enter(to make sure I see it) and call it something along the lines of 100 Follower Challenge Entry. Have fun! And here’s your opening:

PFFFT! PING! RRAUUU... Unexpectedly, I heard the engine grind to a halt and felt dread crawl up my spine. I twisted round in my seat to stare through the back window. “Arlo...?” I looked at my friend in the driver’s seat with horror. “I-it’s fine. Nothing to worry about. I’ll get this ol’ girl back on her feet in no time,” he tried to reassure me. Hastily, he turned the key to start up the old Land Rover. Nothing.

Again - nothing. A third time? Nothing. I couldn’t take the endless defeat any longer. Abruptly, I wrenched open the door and burst out of the car, to find myself landing ankle deep in soft sand. Scorching sun beat down on my neck. I looked around, only to be met by ceaseless sand dunes, sun glare and the odd lone cactus. The road stretched beyond us, into the emptiness of the distance. It was like an endless abyss of

sand. I tried to call somebody to pick us up, but there was no signal. And as far as I could tell, the only building we had seen in about an hour was an abandoned, creepy-looking petrol station a good 20 minutes back. A groan crept up my throat. I turned to my other friends, still inside the Land Rover.

“Guys?” I sighed inwardly. “Are we doomed?” The grimaces that met me were not hopeful ones. This was going to be a long day.

And that’s it! Enjoy, and I hope you take part and have fun :) Also, btw, yes, the Birthmark chapter and the drawings for ppl I said I would do are on their way, I’m just rlly busy right now tbh bc I’m back to school, so I’m probably not going to be as active as usual.

Anyway, bye, have a lovely day, and I can’t wait to answer your questions :D

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