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foodloverticks Community member
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I saw her yesterday and now i can't accept the future until i accept shes not here


You are my pill

I can never wait until

I see that look in your eyes

While you look up at the skies

Everyday i see you

But you're with him so i start to feel blue

I start to think why him?

But then i feel as if i forgot how to swim

So i open my eyes

For this view is all lies

Because this is today and that was yesterday.

They said that i need to live in today

But i don't know how to do that

Not me nor my cat

Not when you were here yesterday

So instead i sit

But i cannot commit

I feel like you left me in a pit

But i know that you will get me out

Even tho im not the one you are about

As i said you are my pill

You're fun till i get the bill

I love you

But you will never love me

And that is why you live in today

While i'm stuck living in yesterday

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