My final wish
My final wish love stories

foodloverticks Community member
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Whats your final wish if you were to pass... here is mine

My final wish

All these emotions I've suppressed

I guess that's why i'm depressed

I'm always so angry

So i always try to change me

I try to release

My inner peace

By writing these lines

A million times

i'm dying inside

I wish love was simplified

I'm so crazy about you

And i don't know what to do

When you talk about moving away

Because i need you to stay

But you wanna be close to him

So i guess my chances are slim

So i sit here and i think

I pour myself a drink

I don't wanna live anymore

Not that i did before

But i'm just so mad

That i can't be anything but sad

I need you today

Because i feel like everybody's ashtray

I'm so ready to end it

You wouldn't miss me a bit

Because you're in love with him

So i think i might go for a swim

To meet the fish

Just know that you are my final wish

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