How's heaven?
How's heaven? sad stories

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If you could talk to someone who is gone one last time what would you say?

How's heaven?

Is the weather nice in heaven?

Do you have the choice to be 80 or 7?

If so, what age did you choose?

Do you still like to sit and watch the news?

Or do you spend your time in your workshop?

Knowing that time will never stop

I like to think you're building your spiral lamp

Working until you get a cramp

I like to think you're having fun

Doing all the things you always wanted to get done

I like to think you're with me

Helping me see

The open doors

And picking me up off of the floor

I know you hid my grinder

As a reminder

That I will be okay

Even if I'm not today

I always rely on my weed

So that I don't have to bleed

Is that why you wanted me to write?

To show me the world can still be bright?

It's not the same without you

Sometimes I wonder, do you miss me too?

It's so hard to let you go

But so easy to miss you, so

I write these lines

Knowing I'm going to read them a thousand times

I just hope you listen

These rhymes are my addiction

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