A text a day keeps the knife away
A text a day keeps the knife away sad stories

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I don't know why I text a girl who will never love me. I guess I keep hoping that one day she will live up to her promise... being there for me

A text a day keeps the knife away

I don't know why i text her

When i know she wont answer

I guess i just want to know she's okay

Even though im not today

I dont wanna talk

I'd rather go for a walk

Through hell

Then let her tell

Me more lies

I need to say goodbye

But i don't want to

I know what to do

But i dont wanna admit

That when i cry she is the cause of it

I hate her

But i love her

I hate this pain

But i love the gain

Is she an angel?

Or is she baneful?

A demon sent from below

If so how'd she get the hallow

Is she here to set me free

Or to take my key

You see i locked myself in here

Away from the fear

She made me open up

But now i need to know what she plans on doing with my cup

Right now i'm running low

Who will deliver the final blow

And leave me on my knees

Begging her to please

Stop playing games with me

Please just let me be

I'm in love with her

That i know for sure

She will never love me

Even though she holds my key

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