A life by the sea
A life by the sea sad stories

foodloverticks Community member
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I wrote this for her, it was everything i needed to say at the time too bad she'll never see it.

A life by the sea

i'm so in love with you

And i don't know what to do

i just wish you knew

that you are my glue

not just my favorite view

just know what i say is true

I'm not talking about ballet

when i say

you should walk the runway

because i have no doubt

that your beauty will take them away

You see Inside and out

Your beauty doesn't compare

As there are layers

Which is why seeing you with him leaves me in despair

In my heart there are tears

That no tape can ever repair

Girl i swear

you bring everything to life

And when you leave everything seems to bleed

if only i could make you my wife

but i can't so i just smoke this weed

if only we could retreat to the wildlife

then maybe i'd finally be freed

freed of this anxiety

freed of the fear

we could sit and look at the sea

no need to cry cause you'd be here

and you'd be finally wearing my key

too bad this could never be

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