A conversation with myself
A conversation with myself sad stories

foodloverticks Community member
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What would you say to yourself from the past if you came for a visit a showed yourself what life used to be like what if you're old self that came to visit was just a wave of happiness where you weren't you're mental illness as if for an hour what would you say to your joy before it left

A conversation with myself

I don't know what to do

Everything i write is true

Everyday i look away

Because i want you to stay

And i don't mean turning a blind eye

To a bad lie

I mean i look outside

And think about how the moon affects the tide

I think about all the gain

That ended in pain

So i grab a pen and a pad

And i write about what made me glad

Even though these words hold tears

When i read these rhymes i know my words are sincere

You see these words aren't just poetry

There's more to read

This is my story

Is it too late to say i'm sorry

Is it too late to ask you to stay

One last hug in the driveway

As we say goodbye

I tell myself a lie

I say i'll be ok

I guess i will be one day

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