I bought painkillers for you.
I bought painkillers for you. station stories

fmeeraj123 You're the reason poems exist.
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thought you took the next train and reached a different station

I bought painkillers for you.

I've had a wound in my heart that had been healed for a while, But now those wounds are open since you came back into my life,

Six years worth of memories I was forced to forget, lock away the past the minute that you left,

But now you've come back and I don't know what to do. Spent a fortune on pain killers... spent a fortune on you,

But now that you're back and the stitches have been broken, The hurt I kept for so long is now bleeding and is open,

I've had a wound that was there...with a stabbed knife through my heart, spent a fortune on bandaids that I tried to plaster up,

Six years worth of memories, I bought bandages to stop, the blood that soaked through, and with time I forgot,

But now you're back at my station and I don't know what to do,

and now I can't use painkillers because my prescription's overdue.

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