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A cute short story about a crush


It was lunch break. I sat down in my usual spot with my usual order, a ham and cheese sandwich. I know, boring right? But I’m not here for the food. I don’t even like this cafe.

Well you see there’s someone I like who comes here at this time everyday. I saw them when I first decided to try this cafe out a month ago and I just fell for them.

Their dark hair and greenish blue eyes, oh they’re just ever so dreamy!

I was never one to believe in love at first sight and to be honest I’m still not sure if I do but this is the closest I’ve come to it. That’s why I decided to keep coming back here.

Hoping if I kept being here at the same time as them, sitting in the same place, making the same order they’d eventually notice. No such luck yet. The sound of the door made me jolt my head up.

There they were in a pair of black jeans, white t-shirt and converse as usual. I bet they’re about to make their usual order, a sausage and bacon sandwich.

I was going to order the same as them but I figured that might be going too far and come across as creepy. I watched them without making it too obvious, I have become a master at this.

Maybe one day I could pluck up the courage to speak to them.

I headed to the cafe I always go for my lunch break, it’s my favourite one in the area. The staff are so lovely, the food is good.

I walked in and there they were, the person I’ve been seeing every time I came in here for the past month.

I didn’t really notice them at first they faded into the background but overtime I noticed they kept sitting in the same spot and eating the same thing, a ham and cheese sandwich.

They wore a suit as normal, I figured they worked in one of the offices in the area and their blonde hair was messy from the wind.

I liked them now, really liked them but I doubt they noticed me. I went up to the counter and made my order, a sausage and bacon sandwich then went and found a seat in view of them.

Maybe one day I could pluck up the courage to speak to them.

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