Dream to have you back
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Dream to have you back


"Duke,put that in there and Lyla give that to Duke. Jacob higher and Dein the lights." Until now I still can't process why I'm here.

-Flashback- "Good Morning everyone"I look at Autumn with a bunch of food on her. "Ms.Shen you're so early." One of my employee asked.

"Yes I'm just here to deliver this because I know you guys are tired and hungry while working." And I know why she's here, for us to accept the work.

"No need for this autumn." "Yes Ms.Autumn we already talked and all of us loved to do the work." "What!" "Really" Autumn looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes and I am shocked.

"Wait, what"I'm still shocked "Uhm well it's not our first time to do this Sir Caelan and why shouldn't we accept it, It will be special for Ms. Autumn, that you will be the photographer of her special day. Right Ms Autumn."

"They're right Caelan, it will be special because you are the one who will do it and I know it will turned out great. You are the only person that I can trust. Please Caelan." She said with a begging look on her face.

"Fine" Sigh do I even have a choice "Let's celebrate" Celebrating to their perfect plan. Tsk

-Present- "Water?" I look at the person who gave me the water. "Thanks" it's Owen. "Thank you for being here" "It's nothing." He laughed and he saw me looking at him.

"I'm sorry, it's just I know you are forced to be here because for sure that my sister won't leave you until you will say yes." He said while forcing not to laughed. I should leave before I lose control.

"Hey wait" What now?! "What?" "Do you have plan after this?" He said "Home" I don't want to be with you "Ok but maybe next time we can have dinner or maybe lunch if it is okay with you." He said while smiling. Isn't it obvious that I don't want to be near him.

"Why are you doing this" his smile faded. I looked away. "Do what?" Wow so his the one who's confused.

"Nothing" Acting like the two of us are okay. I want to ask him but I can't. "I want you back." I looked at him "It's not funny Owen!." I said angrily.

"Im serious, I want you back Caelan." He said while holding my hand. "Let go!" I want him to let go of my hand but he just pulled me and bring me at the back of the building.

He pushed me against the wall and looked me in the eyes. He stay silent but his eyes is still fixing to mine. "What are you doing!." He still stay in silent. Fuck.

"Let go!." I said while pushing him away but his too strong "I said let go!." I'm already mad but even I pushed him that hard he still didn't move even an inch. I'm just wasting my energy.

He is still looking at me and gently put his hand in my face, then he said "I missed you" then he put his face to my shoulder.

"I miss you so much. Please come back to me, love." I froze when I feel something on my shoulder. His crying and it breaks my heart seeing him like this.

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