Story’s from grade school part 1
Story’s from grade school part 1 kinda fanfic stories

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Story’s from grade school part 1

First off as an explanation to all you who might not know 1st grade to 5th grade is what we call grade school in Japan.

1st grade: so the teacher was teaching us about the “no bullying policy”, so pretty much what she was telling hs is “if someone hits you don’t hit them back, come tell a teacher so that only they’ll get in trouble.”

So a girl in the back raises her hand and says “what’s the punishment if someone hits you?” and the teacher said “they’ll get a rainy cloud on their behavior chart which me they won’t get a special prize on Friday”.

So another girl in the back says “wait, so if a someone hits me and I get a black eye all they’re gonna get is a rainy cloud and no pop rocks? That’s nothing fair!”. And the teacher says “well sweetie that’s the rules”.

The little girl replies “here’s MY no bullying policy: if anyone touches me they’re gonna catch these hands. Than we’re BOTH gonna have matching black eyes and rainy clouds.” The teacher said “sweetie that’s not very nice”. To which the girl replied “no, but they’re surely gonna learn to keep their hands to themself.”

Should I make this a series? Lemme know!

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