Love Me Tender
Love Me Tender thriller stories

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A dark take on the King's song.

Love Me Tender

Love me tender, love me sweet, Never let me go...

He took her hand, and held it against his face.

Her warmth, diminishing, caressed his cheek.

He smiled, and pulled up the covers. It was a chilly night.

For once in his life, he felt complete.

Oh, he loved her so.

Love me tender, love me true, All my dreams fulfilled...

Yes, he has been dreaming of this day, for so long.

He watched her every day, but dared not make a move.

She was popular, always surrounded by people. He was nobody, had no one.

But not anymore. They have each other now.

Who knew all it took was a little bump for them to finally meet each other.

She was a sensitive soul, just like him, so it hurt a little at first. But not anymore.

He kissed her forehead, her nose, her raw red lips.

My darling, he whispered.

Love me tender, love me long, Take me to your heart...

He held her heart in his hands. It dripped fire red with passion, with love.

It belonged to him now. Never will he part with it.

Till the end of time, softly he sang to her.

For my darling I love you, And I always will...

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