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by fleetingfables

Silence has become a constant presence. It had creeped in slowly, steadily filling the cracks and crevices until it filled all of the space between them.

Their marriage had lasted for decades. Children had long since grown into adults. Careers had been left behind in favour of retirement.

But now they had nothing to distract them. Nothing to keep them busy.

Separate bedrooms and separate lives. Each of them hopes for more, for a return of conversation and joy, but neither knows how to bridge the gap.

The longer it continues, the less effort they put in, exasperating the problem as they give up.

They are resigned.

For years they worked, dreaming of the days when they would have no obligations and could travel. Spend time together.

Little knowing they would become solitary entities within the confines of their marriage.

Entire days spent on opposite sides of the house, barely interacting when they cross paths.

Day in and day out, with Silence as their houseguest.

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