Time Travel Ep 0: The beginning
Time Travel Ep 0: The beginning e stories

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The time has come. Prepare.

Time Travel Ep 0: The beginning

A/N: This is pretty long, so get comfy!


Peter heard a loud alarm clock ring.

He slammed his hand on it, determined to sleep.

He rolled around in bed, shutting his eyes.

Soon, his door opened, his mother coming out.

"Come on, Peter," his mother said.

"Five more minutes," he muttered.

"You know it's a Monday, right?"

He sighed. His time was up.

He got up and stretched, throwing off the blankets.

"Your clothes will be on the doorknob. Hurry up, breakfast is almost ready." She left the room, closing the door behind her.

He stood up, snatching the clothes from the knob.

He took off his shirt slowly. He was still a tad bit sleepy. And cranky. Very cranky.

He stuffed himself into his shirt, then his underwear and his jeans, and finally his socks.

He looked at his watch. 7:30.

He yawned. Today was the start of another, boring, uneventful week.

Or so it seemed.

He was just a normal kid. With emerald eyes.

Or so he thought.

He had normal friends, with a normal, average, boring life.


He opened the door, walking down the stairs quickly.

Yes, he was tired, but that didn't mean he couldn't be productive, right?

"Mom, you need help?" She was putting the cereal back in the cupboard.

"Oh, no thanks, honey. I'm good."

He got up onto the table seat. He quickly started to eat his cereal.

In a few minutes, he was ready to go.

He waved bye to his mom, then went outside and started to walk.

Sure, he could take the school bus, but not only was it filthy and smelly, on top of that, but it was also much less safe because of... that guy.

"Hey, buddy."

He looked up. Ekon.

She was one of his two best friends.

But for some reason, he always heard people saying that they should be a couple.

They'd never do that to each other. Never.

Besides, they both liked someone else.

Ekon always kept their crush private, but Peter couldn't.

"Hey, Ekon. What's up?"

"Nothing. How's your dad?"

"Oh, he's fine. He's been overseas, but..."

He wasn't going to ask about her dad. The Kirbys were already going through a tough time...

They were silent until they came up to Will's house.

She wasn't out yet. But that wasn't surprising.

Soon, her door burst open, with her yelling, "Love you, mom, love you, dad!"

She was still putting on her jacket.

They both chuckled. She never was one to care about school. She was more athletic and stuff.

"Hey, guys," she said, barely catching her breath. "What's up?"

"Nothing, just talking about... stuff."

"Oh." They all knew that stuff meant... stuff.

She quickly changed the subject. "So, how's avoiding Leon going?"

"Oh. Yeah, he's, uh... well, it's fine."




Soon they reached the school.

Rawclide High School was a very... 'busy' place. There were always people coming in and out, coming and going constantly.

The hallways were filled with people almost the entire day, from the morning to late afternoon.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Will said.

They walked in together.

The school wasn't open yet, but the schoolyard was. That's where all the kids hung out before school.

Including them.

They went outside and did their own thing. Ekon just sat down and took out a Percy Jackson book, Will just started talking to other girls, and Peter...

Just sighed.

He was used to this by now, but he didn't really care. He just became numb to it.

Besides, he could talk to his other friends while he was here, anyway.

Yes, he had other friends. Although, these he didn't talk to as much.

Peter was described as an "odd boy". He didn't interact with other people, nor did he ever talk in the class. He seemed distant from everybody.

There was a reason for that. There was always a reason for everything.

He sighed.

He took a seat and pulled out his phone.

He plugged in his AirPods and started to listen to music.

A few minutes later, he felt a soft tap on his shoulder.

He took out his right AirPod, turning his head to see Apollo.

"Hey, Pete."

"Hey, Apollo." Apollo sat down next to him, leaning back against the wall.

"So, what's up?" He asked casually.

"Nothing, just..."

Apollo was a nice kid. He became friends with him at the beginning of the school year, and they became closer.

In fact, Peter was the first(and one of the only few) people he came out to.

Peter didn't mind. Maybe.

Apollo was an upbeat person. To say the least.

They had a lot in common, except for the fact that Apollo LOVED to talk to other people.

That was a difference they had.

"H-hey th-there Peter."

"Let me guess: Iris?"

He looked up. Yup.

Iris always had this weird stutter in his voice. The nerds always did, didn't they?

"What's going on, Petey?" Tommy said.

Tommy was like an energetic puppy, almost.

"Nothing, just... vibing."

Peter was already bored of this conversation.

"I have to go... somewhere."

Before they could say another word, he dashed out of the yard into the building.

He sighed with exhaustion.

Life was not going great. His father had been overseas for months, and his mother was stressing the hell out of herself. His little sister was annoying the crap out of him, too.

And then there was Leon.

Leon had been a pain in his ass for years. For some reason, he always was his primary target.

That's why he avoided the bus.

Honestly, life was pretty crappy. It'd take a miracle to-

"Oof!" Someone said as he bumped into them.

They both tripped onto the ground.

"Ouch..." the person said.

"Sorry, sorry," Peter said. She dropped a few books

Peter picked up a couple. "Here, let me-" he began.

She turned around.

It was Roxi.

His face immediately became red. He stopped moving.

Roxi shook her head around, her beautiful, gorgeous hair whipping all around.

She stopped to look at him.

"Um, thanks...?"

He realized that he was still holding her books.

"O-oh yeah! Sorry, I, um..." suddenly, he thrust the books into her lap.

"Um... ok?"

He stood up, quickly running away.

That was a close one.

Since the 3rd grade, Peter had a crush on Roxi.

But she was always the popular girl, and everyone knew her.

Up until now, he'd barely even talk to her.

He sighed. It was time to go to class anyway.


School came and went.

Soon, it was time to go home.

Little did they know what would be in store for them...


He walked home.


Ekon was in a book club from 3:30-4:30. Will always had some sporty thing.

It didn't really matter to him.

He felt his phone buzz in his pant pocket.

He pulled it out, getting the text notification from Kirabella.

Kirabella was... strange.

He'd met her online after he went on his phone one day and found some random person texting him.

She apparently was just bored and decided to type in a random number.

She was 'bored' with schoolwork because it was too easy, as she had told him.

So, naturally, they became friends.

The notification read, 'Hey'.

He texted back, 'hey. wattup'.

'yo I got this weird note'

'what'd it say?'

'idk... something about the cave behind the woods'


'weird, right'


'ok I gtg'

'see you later'


He shut off the phone and put it in his pocket.


He was pushed back.

He looked up.

"What's up, twerp?"

Oh no. It couldn't be. He looked up and...

He groaned. Leon.

"Where've you been?"

"What do you want, Leon? Shouldn't you be on the bus?"

"Yeah, but I changed my mind today. Got... something to do. Anyways, where've you been, you little brat?"

"Leave me alone, Leon. I need to go home."

"Oh, like we're gonna let you? Tell him, Andy."

Andy Lagos was here too? Great.

"Yeah, what he said."

Andy was like Leon's lackey. He followed him everywhere.

Leon flipped his head back, his pink hair flowing back. That disgusting, ugly pink hair. He hated it.

"Look, can I just go?"

"Oh? And what're *you*, of all people, gonna do?" Leon said smugly.

He had a point, unfortunately. He and Andy were taller than him and older than him.

"Seriously guys? You're bullying this guy again?"

Elaine, an older(but short) girl had come from behind Leon.

"Elaine, not now. We're busy."

"Busy bullying. Again."

Leon chuckled nervously. "W-what? No. We're just... playing. Right, k-" He turned back to Peter.

He was already gone.

"What the- hey!" He spun around. Peter was running like hell, as fast as he possibly could.

Leon began to run as well, Andy trying to catch up.

But Peter was incredibly fast, and he managed to get far enough to get to his front door, opening it quickly and then slamming it shut.

It wasn't long before he heard excessive pounding.

"You can't hide forever!" Leon yelled.

"Yeah, what he said!" Andy said.

"Yeah... I'm gonna go. See you guys later." He heard quiet footsteps walk away.

Leon chuckled. "You think you're safe, twerp?!"

Peter rolled his eyes.

He then noticed the quietness and emptiness of the house. Something wasn't right.

He saw a small note of paper on the counter.

It read, 'sorry honey. Had to work the night, and your little sister is having a sleepover. Have fun with the house xoxo mom'

He groaned. Of course, she wasn't here.

He ran upstairs to his bedroom, the pounding continuing with every second.

He lay in bed, the pounding getting more and more excessive.

Little did he know how much his life would change in an instant.

The sun seemed to set much faster, because after looking at the window, he could see that the sun was already setting.

The pounding was quieter, slower, but still there.

He put the pillows to his ears in an attempt to stop it.

Soon he heard talking.

"Leon, man, we should go. He's not gonna come out. Besides, remember the... thing?" He heard Andy say.

Leon sighed. "Alright, alright. But next time, I'm not giving this kid any mercy."

He soon realized they had left.

He sighed in relief.

But then he heard a strange noise just right outside his door.

The noise came and went, because just when he came to check it out, it had already gone.

He sighed. But then he noticed the note.

He picked it up and walked back inside his room, shutting the door.

He unfolded the note and began to read, not knowing that he was literally holding his destiny.

'You may not know who I am. But I know who you are. Come to the cave in the woods. Your destiny lies there, Peter.'

He froze.

The person who had sent this knew who he was.

It could literally be anyone. Anyone.

The question was...

Should he go? Or should he stay?

Well, it was pretty boring here, and this was probably some prank or something. He sighed.

He walked downstairs to the front door, but he realized that his mom would definitely find out. He had one other alternative.

He walked back to his room, pulled up his window, and took a deep breath. He dropped down to the ground, but then he heard them.

"There he is! Get him!" Leon yelled.

He soon felt arms grab him on either side, and he knew the note must've been a trick. "We got you now, jackass!" But then Leon saw the crumbled note in Peter's hand.

"What the-" he started. Peter then made his move. He kicked Andy in between the legs, and then slammed his fist into Leon's face. "God-" "Ow!"

There was no time. Quickly, he ran towards the woods. Leon groaned. "Walk it off, Andy! Let's go!" The bullies soon started after him. They were faster, bigger...

But unfortunately for them, he was smarter. And if he learned anything from the cringy G-rated movies his mom always made him watch, brains always beat brawn.

He saw a collapsed tree and quickly slid under, sliding across the mud. Leon and Andy were bigger, and therefore, needed to crawl under the tree.

Peter continued running, finding as many ways as possible to avoid them. They could barely keep up.

Peter turned his head to look. They were like confused babies, with no idea where to go. He smirked, but his time was up.

As he ran, he slipped on some mud and tripped onto the ground over and over, rolling like an Armadillo. Until he fell into an extremely large hole.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed. He rolled down, barely stopping when he hit the cold, itchy ground.

He was about to get back up when a hand reached down. "Need some help?" a familiar voice asked. He grabbed the hand as she pulled him up.

"Ekon!" He embraced her. He let go. "Am I glad to-" He stopped. She wasn't the only one here. There was Will-"Hey, Pete"-Iris-"P-peter."-Apollo-"Salutations."-Tommy-"Sup?"-and one other girl.

"Hey. I'm Kirabella." "Kirabella? You're her?" "Let me guess-you're Peter?" She asked, extending her hand. He shook it. "Yeah..." He turned, realizing someone else was here.


"What's up, kid?" She said. He stood still. What was everyone doing here? He heard footsteps, prompting him to turn. It was Roxi.

He leapt back in surprise. "Roxi! I, uh..." He heard more footsteps.

He looked up to see a terrible sight. Leon and Andy. They both dropped down, Leon's nose bleeding.

Peter backed away. Leon was covering his nose. "Hey, what's this crap?" He said. It seemed that random people from the school gathered here for no reason.

"So... why are all you chumps here?" Leon asked nasally.

Kirabella looked at everyone. "The pink-haired guy has a point, y'know."

Leon soon noticed Peter. "And what the hell is *he* doing here?" Peter turned around in an attempt to get away, but then he saw something.

The cave.

"You guys?" Peter said. Everyone turned and saw the cave. Peter turned to face everyone. "Will anyone explain why you all were here?"

"Well, I got a weird note," said Ekon. Everyone slowly nodded. "So did I..." Will said, clearly confused.

Peter then remembered the note he got earlier. He reached into his pocket-it was there. He pulled out the torn, dirty piece of paper. "Same here."

Everyone looked at Leon and Andy. Leon groaned. "Whatever," he said, pulling out his note with Andy following soon after. "So we all got the same note," Peter said. "But what are we supposed to do?"

They all turned to face the cave. It seemed as though they all had the same thought. Leon stepped forward. "So, which one of you is going first?"

They all looked at Peter, for some reason. Peter sighed. He was at the front, after all. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, turning on the flashlight.

"Welp," Peter said. "What're we waiting for?"


The dim light scared away some bats. Peter continued onward, the cave getting narrow with every step. His feet were sore from walking on the rough rocks.

Eventually, they came across... A dead end.

"Oh well, looks like there's nothing here," Leon said. "I'm out." Andy followed Leon as they began to leave the cave, others following. But then Peter noticed something. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something shine.

It was out of place. Like a button. He walked towards it, pressing it. At first, nothing happened.

Peter was about to give up when he heard a soft *click*. "Huh?" He began.

Suddenly, they were all pulled in by an invisible force. Tubes opened in the rock, glass tubes.

"What the f-" Leon exclaimed. "Huh?" Will said in confusion. "Hey! I can't... move!" Ekon said, struggling to get out. "Me... neither!" Peter replied.

Suddenly, they all heard a beep, followed by a female, monotone, robotic voice. "Activating Tube Travel. Please keep all limbs and accessories with you at all times." Peter looked down. The floor began to open, the tightening space loosening.

"Activating systems in 3... 2... 1..." Leon yelled as he was suddenly pulled downward. Andy soon followed, then Elaine, and then more. Ekon was the last to be pulled before Peter.

Peter took a deep breath as he felt some wind blowing from above. Suddenly, he was forced down into a system of slides and tubes. "Whoa!" The tubes went left, right, up, down, and pretty much and direction.

He gulped. "I'm gonna be sick!" Suddenly, he flew out of the tube and onto the ground, crashing onto a pile of people. "Ow! Can you dumbasses be more careful?" Leon exclaimed. Peter landed with a thud on the pile. "Ouch..." Ekon said.

"Guys," Will said. "Where the heck are we?" Peter got up, looking around. "This looks weird." "And familiar," Ekon muttered.

"Guys! There's a door," Andy said. Leon got up smugly, walking over to it. The door was large and made of metal, and it was colored rust white, the paint slowly fading.

Leon attempted to open the door, but he suddenly hesitated, then stopped. "W-what's wrong?" Iris asked nervously. "There's no handle." "What?" Tommy said. "How the hell-"

"I don't know, ok? There's no handle." "Wait, guys," Ekon said. "There's a panel on the right." Ekon pushed Leon aside. "Hey, no one pushes *me* around." "Well, someone just did."

Peter smirked. Leon was dumbstruck. Ekon wiped the dust away. "Maybe there's some sort of code, or secret lock, or-" she began. Then her hand fell on the panel. "DNA access granted. Welcome, Kirby."

"Wait, what?" Ekon said. The door swung open, hitting Leon in the back. "Ow!" There was a dark room ahead. Ekon stepped back. Peter sighed.

"Well, who's going first?" They all turned to look toward him. "Of course," he sighed. Taking out his phone and turning on the flashlight, he walked in, the others following.

He looked around. It appeared to just be a larger cave. "Hey, there's a switch," Will said. She flicked it, expecting something to happen. Nothing. "It's bugged," she began.

But then came a rumble. Something was happening. Click. Click. Click. Lights were turning on, revealing the rest of the cave. There was some sort of yellow, metal thing.

It was large, like a construction machine. There was dirty glass on the sides and the front and back. It appeared to be dysfunctional. "Interesting," Kira said. As she approached, they all heard a loud thump.

The door slowly opened on the side of the machine. A man in a lab coat stepped outside. He was wearing a mask with goggles. "Who the hell are you?" Leon asked. "I could ask the same."

"What is this place?" Peter asked. "Why should I answer..." He looked around them all. "Of course... may I ask why you came here?" "Why should we tell you?" Elaine said.

"We all got a note," Peter reluctantly said. "Then..." "Look, just tell us why we're here, ok? And who are you anyway?" He chuckled. "Who am I?"

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