Summer Update
Summer Update e stories
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flameo أنت لست وحدك أبدًا. تذكر ذلك.
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Hey, Flamites. So, I've been busy on this account.

Summer Update

Hey, Flamites.

So, I've been busy on this account.

Making stories, commenting, etc.

But since this is a school account, during the summer, I can't really do anything at that time.

So I'm going to get the two sims out before that, and the Marvel Sim trailer.

Also, I'm cancelling the rest as I want to focus more on my own stories.

However, although I'll be inactive on this account in the summer, I won't be on other accounts.

So if you follow me, if you like my stuff, then PLEASE go follow @darlin_devil and @mine_community if you haven't already.

And if you have, thanks! 414: Chapter 1 will be releasing soon with some Minecraft stuff on the other one.

So yeah, please go follow my other accounts(and this account),

And I'll see you soon.

Till next time.


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