My top 10 favorite OC's (and why)...
My top 10 favorite OC's (and why)... e stories
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Hey, Flamites. So, as a writer, I absolutely LOVE(and I mean LOVE) to make OC's.

My top 10 favorite OC's (and why)...

Hey, Flamites.

So, as a writer, I absolutely LOVE(and I mean LOVE) to make OC's.

And I have quite a few that I favor more than others...

So let's take a look!

10. The Silencer Backstory: A mute(and maybe deaf, idk yet) vigilante, doing contract killings and bounties. Skills: Stealthy, with a mask to cover his face. Reason: In my multiverse, he's one of the 3 people to survive the end of reality.

9. Inktrap Backstory: Alpha Bendy was left for dead in the Spring Bonnie suit. But the Corrupted saved him, and now... he's this. Skills: Working on it... Reason: He's cool.

8. Corrupted Bendy Backstory: Can't say, I'll just say that he's the smiling guy in the 414 trailer. Skills: [REDACTED] Reason: He's overpowered and a psychopath.

7. Superior Anti-Venom Backstory: The Anti-Venom symbiote is not alive. The host is mentally unstable and a total jackass, starting 5 symbiote wars. Skills: Can cure any disease. Is a genius. Reason: He's a pretty cool character, tbh

6. Horrors Bendy Backstory: The lead for the Horrors anomaly universe. Basically, a terrifying creature with more morals than the of. Skills: Can't say... Reason: A pretty cool concept.

5. Jetpack Jim Backstory: A spin-off of one of my other characters, he's a pretty funny and chill guy. Skills: Can pilot a jetpack. Reason: C O M E D Y

4. Space-Ace Backstory: The first solo superhero I made. He's similar to Superman but way cooler. Oh, and he's also a teenager. Skills: A bunch. 12 and counting. Reason: I just said.

3. John Williams Backstory: The leader of my original group, The Aqua-Warriors. A married man and former Olympics diver, he's a great leader. Skills: I'm still not sure... Reason: Red

2. Flameo Backstory: A Skylanders OC which was my very first, he's gone a long way in my multiverse. Skills: Control over flame, an expert swordsman. Reason: The first character I ever made.

Honorable mentions: Savage Bendy Determination Sans Elemental Bendy

1. Metal Man Backstory: A Muslim Iron Man spin-off based on me, he's pretty cool. Skills: You'll see... Reason: He's cool.

Sorry that this was low-quality. Have a great summer!

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