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In early 2020, you might've heard of George Floyd being killed by a police officer.

Floyd was black, and due to this, the world revolted.

The reason was that Floyd was innocent, and the officer literally put his knee to his neck, killing him.

Following that time period, the world rioted, protesting that the police should be defunded.

The police weren't exactly helping their own cause either, as many officers suddenly seemed to be a lot more aggressive.

Now, flash forward ahead to 2021. In Palestine, Israelis were-and still are-forcing the *Muslim* Palestinians out of their homes, claiming that it belonged to them. So what did the world do?


Absolutely nothing.

Twitter, Facebook, and more social media sites were forced to delete all posts relating to the incident.

So what now? Everyone just gives up?


The Taliban has recently invaded the Afghanistan Government.

No one cares.

This, see, is the perfect example of hypocrisy.

People will stand up for literally anyone else-be it LGBTs, people of color, etc.

But when faced with helping Muslims, people never help.


Because they believe that 9/11 was caused by Muslims.

They may have claimed to be Muslims, but their faith was misplaced, like many Muslims today.

Still, people assume too quickly.

And due to this, no one cares about Muslims although we are humans, too.

What this has done to society is terrible.

Muslim characters are a rare sight, and characters like Ms. Marvel aren't helping, either.

People may seem nice, accepting everyone, but the next thing you know they hate Muslims, too.

Too many times have we been discriminated against.

The last time I made a post about this, no one cared.

Well, now I'm asking to care.


You need to, for once, truly care for Muslims.

Because we exist, too.

And if you support other people instead, then you're the hypocrite I'm talking about.

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