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We begin anew.

We wail, for the bright light shining into our eyes.

Young, we are.

But we grow.

Thanks to the one who brought us.

We came from others.


The female.

And the male.

The female protecting us from the outside, until we are aged.

But the male is different.

He urges us to grow.

He tells the child to speak.

He encourages us from the young age.

He helps us maneuver.

He assists us.

And we grow.


We argue.

We fight.

We cry, we laugh, we hug.

The female helps us, for they are like us.

But the male is different.

He tries to keep us away from what we appreciate.

We like opposites, but he doesn't.

He thinks it's dangerous.

He tries to hide us away.

But we're curious...


We share similar interests.

We still argue.

We still fight.

But we are closer than the girl.

He helps us.

He encourages it.

He teaches us.

But we argue.

And this is wrong.

We don't listen.

We get into the wrong stuff.

We hurt ourselves.

We realize.


We grow.

We laugh.

We leave.

We experience the world.

We feel love.

We see it.

But we still refuse to listen.

We grow further apart, more distant.

And we don't even know it, but...


Before we know it, he's gone.

Gone from our lives.

We weep.

We cry.

We wish we kept a closer relationship.

But we don't understand.

How lucky we are.

We take everything for granted.

Some don't.

They lose it.

It's gone.

They never had the male with them.

They left.

Abandoned them.

We were lucky.

But we weren't.

It was good...

But if we just listened, it could've been better.

It died too soon.

And we failed.

We all lost...


Moral of the story: Stop arguing with your parents, especially your dad. You don't know how lucky you are...

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