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flameo I have returned.
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This is where the fun begins.

A challenge

Hey, Flamites.

So, I've been hard at work on Horrors Chapter 1,

And have realized that nothing's really being done with this account.

So I thought of something.

I have a challenge! *bum bum bum*

The challenge involves drawing.

You basically get a character like Spider-Man or Batman,

And put your own twist on them, with an original costume and story!

I've made hundreds of original characters, and original Marvel characters, too!

And only a couple of DC characters...

But the point still stands!

Here are the rules:

Rules: 1: This character must be fresh and all-new; you can't use an already-made OC. 2: The costume must have its own uniqueness, so we can tell the difference. 3: If you want, you could make an all-original character, someone not affiliated with Marvel or DC, or even Star Wars.

4: You must add a drawing and story. If it's just a reskinned Hulk, then yours is not likely to win. 5: If you want to use a character in another, big, franchise, then you have to use one I'm familiar with, such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, BATIM, etc. 6: It doesn't have to be a movie franchise, it can be from a book series or video game series like Fnaf.

7: You must make a post with a picture and a description of the character; tag me in it. 8: If you win, the current prize for first place(it may change) is that I give you a follow, a special DM, and a shoutout. Second place gets a follow and a shoutout. 3rd will get a follow(If I already follow you, you will get a shoutout). 9: Deadline is Sept. 18. My brother's birthday.

So, I think that's it. Remember, you have until the 18th. Make sure to shout this out so more people participate, and try your best. I'll try to be as positive as possible. 'Till we meet again.


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