The Scorch
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My first writing, its a description of a villain in my superhero universe that i've made myself.

The Scorch

Scorch is an ordinary man in their 30's, at least when hes not threatened by anyone/anything. When he is, his transformation starts.

His veins start slowly glowing like fire, then his eyes burn and the arms' skin starts flaming.

Fire bursts from his eyes and the head is on fire, burning his flesh to the bone, while a flaming spiral rises around him and catches his legs.

He doesn't feel any of this, but only stares his first victim with hatred.

By now his clothes are burnt to the ground and the man is completely on fire and the body has a skeletal-like form, except there is some fleshy parts left,

like the neck seems to be glowing red but otherwise ok and the torso has taken more skinny and skeletal form, but too, otherwise in good condition.

Also when he starts his rampage, he uses a chain weapon similiar to the one of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. His teeth are sharp and tongue is like with a snake, but made of fire.

In fights, Scorch is a skilled martial artist and extremely durable.

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