Haunting New York City

firexqueenxQueen of Fire & Wattpader
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Grace is 14 and has run away from her horrid family to The Big Apple! But what happens when disaster strikes and thousands of lives are taken? Find out in Haunting New York City.

Haunting New York City

by firexqueenx


The sound of rocks skidding across gravel is very familiar to some of us. In my situation, it's painful. It's a sign of destruction. It's a warning of : "Hey, look out before you're crushed!"

But it's too late for me.

So let me tell you the story of my destruction, the city's destruction and soon your destruction.

My name is Grace.

I'm 14 and lost in NYC. Everyone in the used-to-be-big-apple is lost and no matter how many times I try to find a way out, my soul is trapped here. Nothing's changed for me since my death.

**Two Years Earlier**

I struggle to open the heavy door of the hotel room. New York Hilton Midtown. I'm currently on a road trip all by myself. I've run away from home because my parents treated me like dirt.

It's just bus fares and hotel rooms for me.

Besides, stealing your mom's credit card is an easy task if you're the one cleaning out her purse for spiders and rollie-pollies. Nothing really cost a thing for me, it's all on my mom.

I lay down and relax.

But I can't. My whole body is trembling and I don't know why. Then I know, it's not me shaking . . . it's the whole building.

"Earthquake," I panic.

Adrenaline pumps fiercely through my veins. I run out of the room and down some stairs, but I hear groaning. I look up, and the ceiling crashes down on me.

My breath leaves my lungs.

I close my eyes once the ceiling crushes me. Pain I expected dissipates in my body once I realize I'm dead. The earthquake of New York City killed me. And I will forever be haunting this city.

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firexqueenxQueen of Fire & Wattpader
2 months agoReply
@katielamb ok, thanks for the advice

3 months agoReply
Try opening with some action and not just a monologue of exposition. Try to show us who she is instead of just telling us. Let the reader learn for themselves

firexqueenxQueen of Fire & Wattpader
7 months agoReply
@penny thank you so much!!

pennySilver CommaI live for life
7 months agoReply
great story!!! wowza!

firexqueenxQueen of Fire & Wattpader
7 months agoReply
Thank you so much @bernardtwindwil @shana @jennyl @zoe @damn !!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
7 months agoReply
This was well done. Great story!!

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
7 months agoReply
usually not a huge fan of ghost stories, but really like this one!

7 months agoReply
i really enjoyed this. great job!

7 months agoReply
love the ending. you set this up really nicely and then set up the surprise

zoeI'm just a little adorable
7 months agoReply
ahhh she's a ghost!!! didn't see that coming. great job