The Pegacampus Part Two: Running Away
The Pegacampus

Part Two: Running Away pjo stories
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A Percy Jackson and the Olympians and a Heroes of Olympus Fanfiction.

The Pegacampus Part Two: Running Away

Miley crept back down the stairs and into her room, thinking about what Peg had said. Peg is what she had decided to call the Pegacampus.

About Percy and Blackjack and the Long Island Sound. Who were Percy and Blackjack?

She imagined her father, with black hair like hers, sitting on the end of her bed, telling her of the Greeks and their myths, his sea green eyes sparkling.

Then she thought about what Peg had said about....... what was it? Camp Half-Blood? When Miley reached her room she had decided: she was going to run away! Well, not technically.

She would come back. But she had to go to the Long Island Sound to find this camp. And... Percy, whoever that was. She started to pack a bag.

She grabbed her backpack and put in two large reusable water bottles, one full of water and one full of lemonade (just in case).

She put in sweatpants, two shortsleeved T- Shirts, two pairs of athletic pants, denim shorts, and about twenty pairs of mismatched neon colored socks.

Miley also threw in a small pillow and blanket, lots of Rice Krispies Treats, Kind Kids bars, and a ziplock bag filled with a mix of Frosted Cheerios, grapes, Toistitos Scoops and a bunch of Hershey Kisses.

Then she zipped up her now pretty heavy backpack and duct taped a foldable tent to one side and an umbrella to the other.

It was now around 4:45am........Miley’s mom would be up soon. So she got up and made herself a bowl of Chocolate Chex.

Once she had wolfed it down, she remembered she had forgot some very important things: a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a few small containers.

She shoved them into her bulging backpack, then threw in a mechanical pencil and two pens as well.

Miley slid the pack on her shoulders and slipped out the door just as her mom’s alarm went off. She set off to find the boy named Percy—and Camp Half-Blood.

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