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Looking for a new book or book series to try? Over 8 years old? Try these awesome books! I’m sure you’ll find one you like.......

Books and Fanfiction Ideas

Looking for a new book or book series to try? Over 8 years old? Try these awesome books! I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

Wings of Fire By Tui T. Sutherland Five eggs to hatch on the brightest night, Five dragons born to end the fight, Darkness will rise to bring the light, The dragonets are coming....... In this series, the Dragonets of Destiny arrive to end the War of Sandwing Succesion.

When Queen Oasis was killed by three scavengers near her own stronghold, the Kingdom of Sand — and, in the near future, the rest of Pyrrhia —was thrown into a worldwide war over the heir to the SandWing throne. The violence lasted for eighteen years and included every Pyrrhian dragon tribe, with the exclusion of RainWings and NightWings.

Along with the deaths of thousands of dragons, the war also caused much collateral damage. Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny have to end the war...... somehow. In the second arc, seven students at Jade Mountain Academy face the great Darkstalker, a NightWing

legend come to life. Can Moon, Winter, Turtle, Qibli, Anemone, Kinkajou, and Peril stop him before it’s too late? Jade mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice, Unless the lost city of night can be found. In the third arc, the lost continent of Pantala is found, and Blue, Cricket, and Sundew are faced with a great evil. Face a great evil with talons united, Or none of the tribes will survive.

And worse, Blue is being hunted by HiveWings, who are being mind controlled by their queen. Open your hearts, your minds, your wings To the dragons who flee from the Hive. Face a great evil with talons united, Or none of the tribes will survive.

How does it end? Read Wings of Fire to find out.

Warriors By Erin Hunter In this exciting series, cats live in clans and fight to survive out in the wild. ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan face each other in this amazing series for cat lovers. There are many, many books, and it will take a while to finish all of them, including Super Editions and Clan guides.

The Underland Chronicles By Suzanne Collins In this thrilling series of five books, Gregor and his sister Boots stumble into a place far under the earth, where few Overlanders have been....... is he the Warrior in the prophecies? Is his missing father in the Underland? Read this amazing series of 5 books to find answers.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians By Rick Riordan Percy has a hard time at school in general....... so what happens when monsters start coming for him, straight out of Greek myths? He finds out who his father really is, and sets out to win the war against Titan king Kronos. Can he win?

Heroes of Olympus By Rick Riordan Uncle Rick’s sequel series to Percy Jackson........ and the key to unlocking a whole new world of Greek and Roman rivalries. You’ll love reading these books if you did reading Percy’s story........

The Wild Robot By Peter Brown There are currently (in 2019) only two books to this series, but more may be coming. Read about Roz as she thrives on a remote island, where she meets friends; and enemies.

Moon Base Alpha By Stuart Gibbs Dash and his family live on the moon, at a time in the future. But life’s far from perfect there, especially with a two murderers and a smuggler on the loose. Will Dash catch these criminals and solve these mysteries? Or will he get himself killed instead?

Funjungle By Stuart Gibbs Teddy is the only kid living at Funjungle, since none of the other employees have any children. But with animals being kidnapped and killed...... there’s only one investigator for the job.

Bears of the Ice By Kathryn Lasky Jytte and Stellan, two polar bear cubs, are determined to save their mother by finding their father Svern...... find out the challenges they face and how they overcome them.

What do you think you’ll read?

Author’s Note I love all of these book series and have read all of them. This list is, in fact, of my favorites. If you were wondering, I have not ever read a single Harry Potter book.

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