A Sunny Day on Olympus
A Sunny Day on Olympus pjo stories
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firefox13579A Fanwing and Loves Foxes!
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John and Diana are being sent to “camp” by their father Apollo........ but it doesn’t at all go as expected.

A Sunny Day on Olympus

“It was a sunny day. Diana walked from one side of the roof to the other. She missed her mom..... she had gone missing last year and still wasn’t found.

Diana still believed she was alive, that she would be found, but most people said that she wasn’t coming back. Now Diana lived here, with her father, on Olympus.

Her father was Apollo, god of the sun (and a cool sun chariot that turns into a sports car!).

You may be thinking that I’m just some nutso narrator telling you a fake story, but I’m not. The Greek gods are real.They live on Olympus, which currently floats over the Empire State Building, on the 600th floor. Diana is technically my half-sister.

I’m John, son of Apollo, and I also lost my mom and live with Apollo on Olympus.

We’re demigods! And currently, we are on the roof of the house we live in on the mountain, enjoying some mango lemonade and some ambrosia on a stick. Well, I am.

Diana is pacing back and fourth and waiting for—” “Shut up, John, and help me come up with excuses no to go to camp!” Diana yelled at John.

Well.......... never mind. Your next update at the meeting!” John said into his recorder, then pressed a button and turned it off.

“What excuses?” John and Diana spun to see their father, sitting on the roof next to them. “I believe it’s time for us to chat!”

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