Guardians of Lore - S1 E2
Guardians of Lore - S1 E2 sim stories

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Guardians of Lore - S1 E2


After everything happened, the requirements, the portal, this guy says we should go to the oracle???

After a few minutes of silence, Violet spoke up "What's that...?" I had the same exact question,

"Not a "what", a who" he answered quietly

"Ok fine...who's that?" My voice was a bit irritated but I maintained quite well

Elliott chuckled, she probably knew who the oracle was, "Ah the oracle, the one who sees the future and past, and is never with us in the present, tho one who made us guardians, dear"

"But my mother passed down her powers to me, she didn't pick ME" One of his eyebrows was up, questioning the oracle

"Oh but she did, your mother didn't pass her powers to you randomly, she did that because the oracle predicted it"

"Ok who else knows about this oracle?" He was looking at all of us

Moonshot raised up her hand "I also know where to find her" she said with a grin

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"You do realize it is the middle of the night, right?

"Let's leave tomorrow" declared Elya

Everyone agreed and went to their chambers, when I stepped inside I saw Atlas sulking at the corner

"Um what's wrong?" It was terribly awkward, plus I wasn't used to comfort people

"Oh it's nothing, just Elya told me I couldn't come with him" she looked miserable, but I see no point in taking her

"You could....write letters?" It was the only reasonable thing to say, still she looked like she wanted to go on a quest

"Ah yes I could do that, anyways you should sleep, I'll be outside" After saying that she hurried outside without me saying anything to her

*The Next Day*

We packed our bags with essential items, it was going to be a long walk, and the bad part was that we couldn't even teleport there since we didn't know how it looked like

"Everyone ready?"

"Ok follow my lead alright"

After a few hours, we reached on top of a hill, but there was no house in sight

"Are you sure we're at the right place?" His vibe changed again, it was different, more lighter

"Yes I'm sure, it's said to be hidden to a human eye"

"We're technically not humans right? So where is it?" He was right, there was nothing plus we weren't humans...anymore

Elliott rolled her eyes thinking we were idiots "Heh..." She touched a strange looking tree and then suddenly we all fell down

We all fell down with a thud, fortunately no one screamed or I would've slapped them

"So we just follow the path right?" He looked at Moonshot

"Yes I think so" She stood up and brushed her self up, and then started walking "C'mon hurry up!"

Everyone stood up and started to walk where the tunnel was leading them, then suddenly we saw a light

"Oh look light!" She started to get all jumpy, and then ran to the light

Everyone walked to the light to find a little old cottage

August knocked on the door, after a few seconds the door opened

They all stepped inside to find an dazzling room, it was filled with diamonds, along with that there thousands of book all covered in dust, the ceiling had a huge chandelier and the floor was made out of polished marble which you could slip on

Everyone looked around, then suddenly they heard footsteps A skinny figure appeared in the shadows "Looks like everyone is here!" By the voice I knew it was a her

"Ah hello Oracle" He looked up at the oracle in awe

"Welcome everybody! Please take a seat!" She looked excited to have us here

"I know why you all are here, a portal opened up and blah, blah, blah" She said all this with a smile

"So do you kn-"

The oracle inturupted her "Yes I do know!"

" what do w-"

This time she interrupted Elliott, I felt like she knew what we were gonna say "First call me Mandaris!"

"B-but you're older, we shouldn't disrespect our seniors now...." She tried to hide a grin but failed misrebly

Mandaris glared at her She ignored her and started to say, "Anyways you simply have to go on a quest!"

"A quest?"

"Yes little girl..." Her expression changed into a scowl when she answered her

A quest was easy right...? "So...what do we do?" I asked

To Be Continued ~

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