love ends with love part 2
love ends with love part 2 love stories

ficcy everything is fair in......
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" Lucas how dare you" said Brandon Mia's classmates Brandon starts punching Lucas

love ends with love part 2

" Lucas how dare you" said Brandon Mia's classmates

Brandon starts punching Lucas

"Mia are you okay??" Mia

"Yeah I'm fine thanks for coming on time other wise he could have..." Was cutted off by Brandon.

"Mia let's go." Said Brandon while opening the car door for Mia.

"I'm not done with you Lucas you wait and watch." Said Brandon in a angry tone

"Brandon you know that Mia won't be yours... " Said Lucas

"Stop it. I don't have any feelings for her. She is one of my classmates and now I'm her client." Said Brandon in a angry tone

Brandon drives Mia to her company.

Meanwhile in parking lot.....

Lucas P.O.V

Brandon good act, you won't be able to get her. She is mine even though she gets married to another men I will get her pregnant before her wedding

Mia and Brandon reach's her company...

"Mia you were blank the whole time. Are you okay?? Mia!!! "Said Brandon

"I'm fine come to my company tomorrow we will decide how the project will be going on." Said Mia while opening the door.

'Wait are you attending the event?? "Brandon asks

" Of course I have to. If I didn't Eric will be crazy."said mia

"Then see you tonight bye" said Brandon

"Bye" said Mia while waving her hand

Mia's P.O.V

He is crazy. I have to tell Eric

End of P.O.V

Mia walks into her company and see a man wearing a mask

"Karen what's going on?? Who is he?? " Said while going towards the elevator

was cutted off by the man who was wearing a mask

" Babe you are leaving me behind??" Said Eric

" Karen!" Said Mia

" Got it " said Karen

" What are you doing here Eric?? If someone recognized you it will be a hot mess." Said Mia

Ding dong...

Mia and Eric walks out of the elevator

Mia enters her cabin and Eric follows

"Eric please.. Mia was cutted off by Eric"

Eric locks the door

" Why did you lock the door??" Said mia

" Babe I've waited for too long. I want to have sex with you now. Otherwise you know" said Eric while comming closer to mia

" Eric, in the office no way. What are you thinking?? Why would I do it. " Said Mia

"Shhh" says eric

Eric comes closer to Mia and his hands slowly slides down her waist. He pulled Mia towards him and kisses her passionately. She lets a moan out of her mouth.

Eric pins her down the table and kisses her. He then slowly slides down his hand....

They hear a knock on the door.

They got up and Eric and Mai acts as if nothing happens

" M open the door. We have a emergency" said Karen

" Open the fucking door Mia" says riley in a angry tone

" It's Riley" both Mia and Eric says at the same time

What happens next?? Why is Riley so angry?? What is coming up??

I'm currently thinking about writing a story dedicated to BTS. Army what do you think?? Should I?? Thanks for 105+ reads. Love y'all.❤️❤️

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