The Drug Of Deception
The Drug Of Deception life stories

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Life’s struggles

The Drug Of Deception

Goodbye, addiction, my killer vice

I've come to realise it destroys ones life

Because a little starts a web of lies

As your true inner self slowly dies

And the person inside hides from itself

Blaming the cards you were dealt

Coming from within the drug of deception

In my search for meaning I just couldn't wait

Took a gamble with an old schoolmate

Behind the now derelict, but once busy hardware shop

I blew it all up, until my head was about to pop

Then my heart felt like it was jumping out of my skin

That'll be the last time, never again

Until my mind craved the drug of deception

And while in a crazy trance I saw

Three headed creatures, six eyes or more

Creatures stalking without a cause

Creatures nearing without a pause

Creatures appearing from nowhere on my trip

My mouth tight lipped

Caused by the drug of deception

"Help" said I, "I want them to go

Caused by a lost souls woes

Take notice my friends, save yourselves

Take my advice for it could help yourselves."

But my addiction like so many in life

All fall into the drug of deception

All of us in society at times have troubles

Try and find a way out of your mystery puzzle

The choice is yours alone, so never ever handball

All of us in some way, are marooned on an island

Wandering around trying to contact the mainland

But it's free to move to another thinking way

So instead live every moment, of every single day

Better than being lost to the drug of deception.

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