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fetchitnow Homie hang in’ @Venic3 Bitch Laaaa
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Music and life, go hand in hand.

Pure Music

Pure music, is just three chords and some homemade truth

Much like the glory days, of New York Yankees and Babe Ruth

It's like eating chicken one day, feathers the next

Or totally in love, ending in a divorce court, with no respect

She can make you cry, smile, think or dream, how bizarre

It can sound like being inside, an old worn out guitar

Being perfectly picked and plucked, as one should

Fully surrounded by good ole seasoned wood

Like a community is unity, which once went without saying

It'll help propel the voice of the next generation, in the making

No matter where you are in the world, that's admiring

Music could be the meaning, to what it’s all about, so awe inspiring.

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