Black Dog Illness
Black Dog Illness depression stories

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For everyone with Anxiety and/or Depression and especially their “so-called” family and friends. Take care.....

Black Dog Illness

In a moment of life, sweat running down my face

Bad case of shyness, silencing ones tongue from race

No sleep at nighttime, just seeing the sun rise

My senses all failing and my mind freezing over

A look in the mirror I didn't recognise

Then it appeared as an hallucination

I heard her call for me

I had to slap myself over and over

This could just be a dream or this might just be heaven

Then it occurred to me, that I was on strong medication

The images and voices I heard that day

Were just from my imagination

Understand the Black Dog Illness

Not our choice (Not our choice)

Not our choice

Heaps of people with the Black Dog Illness

It doesn't discriminate (It doesn't discriminate)

It might just be lying in wait

Your mind is racing quickly, then goes into a frozen zone

You'll have struggles daily, yearly, maybe to your gravestone

How you control yourself in the moment of the bark

Some handle it well, some can't handle it at all

So phone a friend if needed

Say hello, was the answer what you'd expect?

They said, "How are you coping and sorry I left you, I shouldn't disconnect?

And still those friends don't call me, any day of the week

Sit by the phone, morning, afternoon and at night

Just to hear them speak

Understand the Black Dog Illness

Not our choice (Not our choice)

Not our choice

Society needs to talk to about the Black Dog Illness

So no one's alone (So no one's alone)

It might be you one day, ok

Moments of frustration

Retirement not an option

Some say, "You aren't really sick, just your minds full of toxin"

And in the family circle

They gathered for an intervention

Some still don't get what it controls

And they think it's my own invention

Last thing I want to address

Is the way family and friends that you adore

Just think it's easy going back to the way I was before

"Time will heal," said the bible man

"We are promised our own path

You can work it out, in your own time

But you have to believe!"

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