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By festey


A word as strong as hate, should not be told in a moment of anger. But the moment of rage is always known by its madness. you have that feeling of hate when you are out of options,out of excuses for the people you always fought for.

The ones that never deserved your energy, your efforts, your everything just to make them happy. But guess what, they don't care about you or about any of what you did, they just care about the only flaw you did in your whole life.

That one thing you couldn't do, it was over you, beyond you; people are selfish, they make you tired of breathing, tired of anything around you even your parents. Eventually, they simply tell you the heroic question "why have you changed? you need help?"

Unfortunately yes, for the first time I need people's help, which is to leave my life and my brain alone, I am not going to commit suicide, I am not that stupid to do so and I am not as weak as you to let you destroy me. I hate you.

by festey

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