Anonymously Yours Part 1
Anonymously Yours
Part 1  lgbt stories

ferrywrites living in a state of perpetual déjà vu
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She'll do anything to protect her, even if it means losing her halo and wings.

Anonymously Yours Part 1

There is she. I've been looking for her for hours now. There is she, with her books and coffee under a different tree this time.

It's not her usual reading spot, I looked at my phone's calendar, It's Sunday, why isn't she reading on her favorite tree?. God how I adore her angelic face.

I can stare at her forever, the way the wind blew some of her hair makes the scenery magical. It's like out of a Nicholas Spark movie.

I want to approach her but every time I thought of it, my body seems to freeze.

"Such a whim. How long are we going to shadow her? We're getting old!". I scolded myself.

I sighed and took out my notebook from my bag instead. I ran my fingers through it and I was surprised that It's halfway full.

I began writing, words always seem to flow easily whenever I write to her. No writer's block, no outside noises, no nothing. I took a deep breath and write the heart of my letter.

"I hate the space between us. It creates an abyss in my heart.

How many lifetimes do I need before they permit me to make you feel my presence? For you to never forget my name over and over again?

How many sleepless nights do I have to endure just so I can hold you in the daylight, and how long do we need to repeat this cycle until we are as one?".

My writing was interrupted by a strong breeze. I slowly closed my notebook as I felt a presence on my back. I bother not to look who it was, his scent is enough for me to recognize him.

"Eavesdrop much, Selaphiel?". I said while my eyes are fixed on her.

"When are you going to stop this madness, Lailah? Gabriel is furious and Michael is at wit's end".

"Let them. They're doing that to themselves not me".

Selpahiel cleared the space beside me so he can sit. He looked at her too, I cannot tell what's on his mind, he's too composed.

He took a deep breath and was about to say something but I refused to let him.

"Do not interfere with our life this lifetime. Come near her and I will break your wings." He looked at me with surprise. Slowly examining me as if I am losing my sanity.

He leans closer and whispers in my ear

"I'll see what I can do. After all, this is forbidden". He stood up, spread his wings, and flew towards heaven.

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