Who Is...? (Miss Maisy to Tukiko Troy)
Who Is...? (Miss Maisy to Tukiko Troy) postapocalyptic stories

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.
It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Who Is...? (Miss Maisy to Tukiko Troy)

Miss Maisy Maisy (we don't have a second name for her yet) is in her mid-twenties and is not a clone. She runs the orphanage in New Flagstaff.

She was promoted when the old harridan who used to run it was unexpectedly fired.

This sudden promotion came as a big surprise to Maisy, but not to Joe Spivey and several well-paid officials at the Union Headquarters.

Miss Maisy is well liked by the inmates and staff alike but it doesn't do to get in her bad books... at least not unless cleaning everything in sight is really your thing.

Miss Maisy is not to be confused with Nurse Maisie from Hope Springs.

Mr. Trent (Clone) Mr. Trent is a book restorer and owns the bookshop on Santa Fe Avenue. Most of the books in Joe Spivey's study have been supplied by Mr. Trent.

He has this thing about kids dirtying up his shop windows and there is a continuing feud between him and the local urchins,

some of whom have been known to throw dead rats into his shop and run off. Finny has done occasional work in the shop and rewarded by being allowed to sit at the end of the counter and read.

Nancy A seamstress on the wrong side of twenty-five and far too keen on the gin. Nancy works for Fingal Agin and is the on/off girlfriend of Bill Skye.

Nancy is the best friend of Beth, a fellow seamstress working for Fingal Agin.

Nancy is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Nitty Nora Not her real name of course.

'Nora' is a matronly woman who visits schools and orphanages on behalf of the Union Health Authority to help in the war against rickets,

lice and other childhood conditions brought about by unending poverty.

Nurse Maisie The formidable Nurse Maisie is in her late thirties. A solidly built woman who has been a professional nurse for all of her working life.

She was Doctor Tukiko Troy's Head Nurse during the days of the Free Clinic which roamed Sector One for over a year back when the doctor had only recently graduated.

When Doctor Troy decided to settle down in her home town of Hope Springs, Nurse Maisie chose to stay with her.

She is a no-nonsense woman who tries to protect her employer from over working, even though she herself works all hours... and is quite happy to bemoan the fact to anyone in earshot.

Once you have met her she is unlikely, ever, to be confused with Miss Maisy who runs the New Flagstaff orphanage.

Onetit Dogbreath Onetit was a member of the Devil's Own gang that had its camp just north of Hope Springs.

Along with several small children, she was one of the few survivors of a night raid by the townsfolk of Hope Springs, abetted that night by hired clone mercenaries.

Among the children left in her care was the two-year-old Finny.

Onetit looked after the children moderately well (by her standards) for two years until she was arrested during a Union raid on a dangerous area of New Flagstaff populated by low-lifes

and ne'er-do-wells known as The Borough, where she was holed up. After her arrest and subsequent imprisonment, the children were left to fend for themselves as best they could.

As far as we know, Onetit is still incarcerated.

Onetooth Onetooth (Scott) is an eight-year-old orphan and is a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage.

He got his name because of his eagerness to get into fights, which he usually loses, and has lost most of his front teeth as a result.

Although we do not yet know his background story it is apparent that he has been a resident for some years.

Onetooth, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey's ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage.

Onetooth is a member of a group of four similarly aged orphans collectively known as 'The Reading Group'.

The reading group are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey's makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write.

Phineas Sweetly (Clone) Phineas lives quietly with his wife.

He used to be a fire-breathing master sergeant in the Enforcers (one of the six major factions) before retirement caught up with him at the ripe old age of fifty. Now he is... a guard for hire.

But that's all he does, guard stuff. He won't go chasing down people, he ain't no assassin either, he's just a guard. Phineas doesn't care which side of the law you are on.

If you want something guarding, well then, he'll guard it for you with unwavering loyalty, just as long as you keep paying him.

Slow to temper but he is still a big, powerfully built man and he's seen more action than he can reasonably be expected to bore you with in a single evening.

Phineas eventually became a constable in the Hope Springs constabulary and currently has the rank of sergeant.

Poppy (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Full name Ebaxjapopa. She is the young daughter of Kratsix and Deafixha. Poppy is a good friend of Ellie and also Gregor, who she particularly adores.

President Floyd (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) President of the world. We do not yet know his full name.

He and former president Alicia Troy have been working together on a controversial plan to ensure the peace and security of the whole world for well into the future.

Rif (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Real name Anjalir Buyxlf. The 'Rif' is actually a title. He is the security chief of Senator Geesh. He is married with children and really hates his boss.

However, for the sake of his family he puts up with the senator's bullying and abuse and even turns a reluctant blind eye to his boss's perversions.

Rodney Hassle Rodney is the auctioneer in New Flagstaff and a friend to everyone. He is certainly a friend to Joe Spivey and often a witness to his nefarious wheeling and dealing.

Rodney is married and lives locally. He is also the one to go to when you need to get in touch with Joe Spivey after all other means of communication have failed.

Sadie Sadie is a twenty-year-old gang member and belongs to the Devil's Own camp just north of Hope Springs.

Typical of most gang members she is a vicious, murdering drug addict who shaves her head and sports numerous tattoos.

She is currently shacked up with Justin but, as is usual in the gang, this is likely just a temporary affair and will change when either one of them finds someone higher up the social scale.

Soggy Moise Mr. Moise, 'Soggy' only to his friends, is a pawn broker... and a fence of expensive and hard to move items like jewellery and fine art.

Not the easiest man to get along with, he has an acerbic tongue and tends to rub people up the wrong way.

Moise is in his late forties and almost totally bald, with just a last thin line of black hair circling his head.

Subdane (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) It is not known for sure if this supposedly mythical pre-Sirtuin policeman even existed.

However, his stories tell of links to The Grand Mother and there is circumstantial evidence to back up at least some of the tales about this hero of the people.

There is a considerable movie and book franchise based on his exploits... Action toy anyone?

Taiyoko (Clone) Taiyoko joined Tukiko Troy when she was running the Free Clinic in sector 1.

Always smiling, this young Japanese handyman became an indispensable member of the team, managing to keep the old and often badly treated equipment working well after its lifespan.

He became indispensable to Dr. Troy too and they were very soon 'an item'. When the Free Clinic came to an end. Taiyoko joined Tukiko is settling down in Hope Springs.

They live in the house next door to the town's clinic and have a son, Ichiro.

Taiyoko works for Joe Spivey in the ammunition factory, where he is much overworked and underpaid but a firm favourite with the juvenile employees.

The Grand Mother (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) The fabled 'saviour of mankind'. The Grand Mother is famous for two things.

The lesser of these being the bringing about the end of the Clone War with the signing of the Treaty of Los Almos.

By far the greater thing being that she was the very first carrier of the persistent Sirt 1 gene, the gene that stopped the aging clock.

Tukiko Troy (Clone) Also known as Tuki to her friends and family.

Tukiko Troy popped out of the cloner at Spider Hill dazed and confused and was immediately taken in and put to work in a local sweatshop.

Forced to work long hours dying spider silk with the ever-present threat of beatings and deliberate scaldings in the boiling dye, the fourteen-year-old Tukiko escaped and ran off north.

On foot, she made her way first to Sunshine Corners and then further north towards New Flagstaff, seeking shelter at Post 23 and Picus Ridge.

The reaction to her arrival at these places was always the same, chased off, usually with a beating if she wasn't fast enough.

Eventually, Tukiko arrived at Hope Springs with no expectation that things would be any different.

Caught stealing scraps from the bins behind the wafflehouse by Hyle Troy,

Tukiko received the first affection she had ever known since stumbling out into the blinding sun of the wasteland all those months ago.

Tukiko bloomed under the care of Hyle and her sister Sorja and was eventually even adopted by Hyle. She is now Doctor Tukiko Troy, with a partner Taiyoko and their baby son Ichiro.

She is the resident physician at Hope Springs. Tukiko bares an uncanny resemblance to Baka Neko and Miss Brown.

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