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feona scottish, gay, and mental x
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This is uhm ... childish lmao. But it's a process I've been thinking about a lot lately so y'all can have it too x


The walls I so carefully constructed

You tore down without a thought

For why I ever built them

But had you ever stopped

To look or ponder or ask

I would tell you how

They were inherited

From people like you

I should have known from the way

You charged through the middle

Without looking for a gate

That you'd be adding to the bricks

Thrown at me in lives gone by

From which I build my barricades

But that which once hurt me

Is now my protection

From people like you

With each passing betrayal

The barrier strengthens

Battle-scarred but not yet weary

Guarding my heart with my past

And a refusal to lower my defences

But sometimes people play games

That I can't see through

People cheat and trick me

People like you

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