Child, Wipe Your Tears Away
Child, Wipe Your Tears Away sad stories

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English version of "Bata, Tahan Na"

Child, Wipe Your Tears Away

by AyenGrayce

Child, listen

I know that at such a young age you have already learned that life isn't always merciful Often times it is harsh and cruel

Child, I know there were times you looked at the skies above Asking God, "Why does my fate have to be this way?"

And I know there were moments when you thought to yourself that maybe your'e just praying to nothing

Each night, you helplessly watch your parents tear each other down Your father raises his voice until it resembles thunder as your mother proceeds to grab the knife

Child, at this moment you couldn't fight the tears from falling down your face anymore Trembling in fear that maybe tonight will be the night that what you dread most will happen

So you close your eyes and shut your ears Hoping that when you finally open them, you'll find your parents loving each other again

Child, at this moment I know you just want to disappear with the blowing of the wind But you know that won't happen even in a thousand prayers

Child, I know you can barely remember the last time you were happy

But child, listen

Tomorrow brings hope Strengthen your heart and wipe your tears Time will come when life wouldn't be so tough on you anymore and you'll experience peace and happiness once again

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