Listen to It's Screams
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When destiny slaps you in the face, and you like it.

Listen to It's Screams

by felonious

When all is dim and bleak and grey

A radiant soul transcends your way

With alabaster skin and crimson hair

Her tender soft embrace already there

Resting deeply 'round your heart

Just moments before it fell apart

Sorry that my prose is kind of Seussy

Let's have a kid and name her Lucy

You came into my life without any warning

And filled my heart with joy instead of mourning

My heart, my soul, my entirety begs

To be with you and all that you are

To hold and to cherish, to provide and complete

To satisfy your every last need

I give unto you all that is me

I want you to have it, it is yours, for free

No string attached, no gimmicks, no games

I would marry you today, with no middle names

For you my heart it races

As words leave lips and smiles cross faces

I feel my self falling

Into your obsession

I want you to have me

There remains not a question

I am yours for the taking

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