When Eyes Meet...
When Eyes Meet... flirting stories

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Her eyes radiant and sensous, she proudly wore them.

When Eyes Meet...

Her eyes radiant and sensous, she proudly wore them.

Her eyes allured praises, and conquered the art of flirting.

She looked at him to flaunt her eyes. Which, she knew will tantalize him.

She wanted to arouse his highs, and have him fantasize about her.

She looked at his eyes, assuming it's just another fling.

Powerful and authentic were his eyes, but also strangely familiar and gently captivating.

Her eyes met his eyes.

For the first time, her impish and sparky spirit felt something alien.

His eyes were all that were focussed. For, the rest of the surrounding faded.

She didn't feel the air. She didn't feel the ground. She only felt his gaze.

Her always rambling mind went thoughtless.

Her burning desire to keep doing more was suddenly extinguished.

She went quiet. Neither into an uncomfortable silence, nor a painful silence.

But a peaceful silence. A satiated silence.

The haunting memories from the past, the gripping fear of the future, all dissolved and energised the ecstatic present.

She no longer wanted this to be a fling for, she knew she was captivated.

This was first her flirting failed. And she knew she couldn't be bailed out from what's to come.

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