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Nine is a part of a Deviant group who are activly avoiding Humanity and Cyberlife. This is set after the Events of the BAD Ending of the Game Detroit Become Human.

Tinman Chapter 8

Leana leans into me, for comfort, she never likes our talks about the revolution, I'm not naive that I don't sense her feelings for me, they are quite clear.

I just don't feel whatever it is she feels for me, I don't know ‘love’ and I don't know what a ‘crush’ is.

I look down at her affectionately as she holds onto my arm, listening as the group gathers around and talks tactics, weapons, plans and rotas.

‘I don't want to hurt her, but dragging it on doesn't help either’ I was paying attention, I was able to take in every detail and still have my own thoughts.

“Kitty?” I heard her whisper to me, I couldn't believe she'd call me that here” Hmm?” I responded only glancing down at her.

“I think there's something wrong with me” Her bright blue eyes looked into mine with passion burning bright, with a longing for possessing me for herself.

I frowned, “We'll talk tonight okay?” It had to be sooner than later, I was dreading it, but I had to severe it here before things got out of hand.

In other news, we were moving camp tonight, and raiding some places for Supplies. We were to be on lookout for more Police and their meddling.

As I looked to Karla as she spoke battle plans, Leana never stopped looking at me….

Moving at night time was easier, not to mention smart as we tried to avoid any Police or Government Services.

I now had a machine gun, with ammo strapped on my belt.

My Squad was first to go ahead, we were the Scout ahead team and we also had to snatch and grab as we could along the way.

Leana thankfully was kept out of this as much as possible, she'd never been meant for any of this, she was better suited keeping morale and caring for others.

I still had to talk to her, and I would.

I gestured for to the others that it was clear as we made our way behind a Cyberlife Stockstation, it was military precision,

We kept guard as one of our group quickly unlocked the door and shutdown the security, even the drones fell down onto the concrete. Slowly we inched our way inside, using our special optics to see in the dark.

I closed the door behind us and we hurriedly began packing our backpacks with anything we could carry.

I heard a noise outside, and I silently ordered the others ‘ Keep going, just be quiet, leave through the side door’ They didn't question me, as I backed up and lowered myself down,

aiming my rifle at the door. I heard them leave, but the instinct that someone was there didn't leave me. The door creaked open, it was an Android and one I knew well.

“Leana” I whispered, getting her attention, I knew she couldn't see in the dark. She walked up to me and hugged me like she hadn't seen me in Ten years.

We were both crouched on the ground, vulnerable if security should show. I pulled her up to stand with me and walked slowly towards the side door.

The Security was only disabled for a certain amount of time, soon we would be in peril, if we didn't move.

“What are you doing here? It's dangerous, and mmph” She had been watching me this whole time, suddenly she stood on her tiptoes and kissed me.

I gently pushed her off me, not wanting her to do something silly at this pivotal moment. The alarms are close to being reactivated, we had to move, this would have to wait.

I roughly picked her up in a Fireman's carry and bolted out the door.

“Nine! put me down!” I ignored her request as I saw the Drones, hovering off the ground, their lights searching for why they'd lost contact with the systems there.


” I had ran right into a Drone that that just been reactivated, at first I didn't know what had knocked us both to the ground,

until I heard the warning and saw the lights trained on us from above. I grabbed my gun and shot it down, it was too late though, Alarms blared and more drones headed our way.

I got up, covered in mud from the earlier rain shower and grabbed Leana's hand as she struggled to stand.

I shot another Drone down, it nosedived into the muck “We have to go””But!” she tried to refute “Now!” I yelled at her, dragging her along as we ran as fast as we could...

We'd hidden ourselves in an abandoned building, far enough away from the Stockstation.

I placed my gun down on a wall and went to her, Leana looked scared, she was covered in mud as I was and she'd never been in any situations like that except for possibly the Thirum Truck.

I would give her this. A comforting hug as her stress levels are way too high.

She threw herself at me and cried into my chest, it was heartbreaking to see her like this, but the inner turmoil of trying to distance myself from her was becoming confusing to me.

I held her for a moment, until her sobbing stopped, then I let her go and walked back towards the gun, making sure the safety was on.

I sighed, I was angry that she'd followed us, put herself in danger, but I was also relieved she was safe.

“Why did you follow us?! Leana?” I had to call her name as I looked back at her, she seemed out of it.

’ I know that look, she's angry, at who?’ She stood up, never one to be shy and walked close to me.

“That's all you care about? Your damn Mission!” I had to hold my head as an ‘Ice Cream headache’ assaulted me at those words.

A Man's voice echoed in my mind “ What am I to you? A 1 in your rows of zeros?!” I shook my head, Leana had said something, but it had been blocked out by the Memory.

Tears welled in her eyes, “Hey” I said calmly reaching out to her with one hand in which she dodged.

“I love you Nine” She looked away from me, the girl who never shied from anything was shying from me.

I knew her words were true, but I was thinking Pragmatically, was this really the time and place for this discussion?

“No, I don't want to hear it, I just don't” We knew each other too well not to know how we both felt. I sighed, and turned around raising my arms above my head in frustration.

‘Not what we need right now’ How could I have been so distracted by emotions? I didn't hear her walking out of the building, leaving me in confusion.

I realised a few minutes later that I was alone, and when I reached the door there was no sign, no muddy tracks, nothing.

The rain decided to reflect my mood and came hammering down at that moment. I retrieved my gun, and went looking for her in the miserable Detroit night.


Nica had returned to her job, it had been a week since the incident, she refused a replacement Android, but decided she would help out if needed.

She walked into the break room and started the Coffee machine. “Hey, how's things?” A warm Friendly voice called to her. “ Hi!” she smiled, faking happiness.

Hank gestured she should sit beside him as she collected her coffee. She did so, but her smile relaxed into her real feelings, she was still traumatized by the events of last week.

“How do you feel really?” He asked determinedly. She held the cup with both hands, trying to gain comfort from the warmth.

“ I'm scared… I would have trusted it, he could of killed me” Her hands started trembling, as she confessed.

The DPD didn't think Androids were something that could traumatize you, especially if they were assigned to you. Hank knew the feeling all to well.

He placed his Hands over hers, as a sign of companionship and worry.

“ Now If I remember rightly, this little girl I knew wanted to be a Superhero” She looked at her Uncle with tears in her eyes.

“Sometimes all you have to do is to get by, keep on living, that in itself is an accomplishment”

She faintly smiled then turned to see Gavin walk in, his arm in a sling and plaster cast. He wasn't alone, behind him walked another RK900.

Nica stood up subconsciously and looked wide eyed at the Android. Hank also stood up and walked to Nica.

Reid what you doing with that?” He grumbled, the Android didn't respond, it looked even more placid than it should do. Gavin looked up at them “ The extra money is worth it, plus they've changed it so it only follows my orders, no random fights, no random bullshit”

He sat down and the Android was standing right behind him. It's eyes looked hallow, like it had no Soul whatsoever, unlike the other Androids they'd seen recently. “Hope you updated your insurance” Hank claps him on the shoulder, as he leaves, his arm protectively around Nica as he leads her out. “Let's get outta here” Hank leads her outside.

He helps her into the car, then gets in and drives. It's raining heavily, the noise of the raindrops battering against the vehicle is the only sound as both are quiet in thought. “Gavin's stupid for accepting that thing, every one of those things has been a pain in my ass”

Hank complains, hoping to end the silence between them. Nica looks thoughtful out of the passenger window. Hank drives on not really caring where he was going. Suddenly, without warning the car hits something hard, “Jesus!” Hank exclaims as Nica screams as he struggles to keep control of the car skidding on the wet tarmac.

He manages to pull the car off to the side of the road. Looking over at the pavement there is a body of a girl covered in mud.”Shit!” Hank exclaims as he gets out of the car and kneels down next to the girl. She is not moving....

Continued in Chapter 9 This is my First DBH FanFic. I'd appreciate any comments you might have. Louise x

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