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Chapter 2 of Tinman. Set after the Events of the BAD ending of Detroit Become Human. Follow in the mindset of one RK900 Android as he tries to complete his secret mission.

Tinman Chapter 2

A small blush forms on my cheeks, as I look sheepishly at the floor. Is this embarrassment? How can I feel Human emotions? I'm a Machine.

‘With a task to accomplish’ MY voice, in my head? That's what's happened, My program has failed and it's adapting feature is muddled.

“Somethings strange, one moment he's nominal, next I actually think he's gone Deviant” Zack looks worried and approaches me, noticing the red l.e.d

“Hey I need to fix that before it becomes permanent” I don't resist as he scans me with zzzkkkk, not good, my audio receptor is failing along with other systems.

I wince as Zack jabs something behind my ear. “We should send it back, it's not like Leana” I hear the Elderly Woman say, as my vision snaps off.

“You're about to meet your Maker Connor, how do you feel?” That nostalgic voice, even though my systems are all off, my subconscious is fighting it, making up words and voices and….

”Hey Connor?” I feel like I'm falling, I stagger just a little and look to the voice.I'm in an Elevator “ You run out of batteries or what?” I feel dizzy, the vision is spinning.

“Hank! I need Help!”I call to him, trying to reach him, but he's not there, lost in the vortex of my diminishing mind.

“R900 Respond” A voice called to me, I couldn't see anything, my programming was working overtime to catch up to where it needed to be.

I was back at Cyberlife Tower, my program had identified my origins to me. “Why won't it work?” The voice huffed, the sound of frantic typing on the keypad in testified.

I felt myself blinking, my Optical units were perfectly functional, but I couldn't see a thing. My scanner was limited and my vocal unit was offline.

It seemed like whatever had taken place before here had damaged my systems.

My memory systems had been formatted recently, there was also an auto reset every 24 hrs scheduled, that hadn't been there before.

“Any progress?” I heard footsteps approach and turned my head towards the noise “ It's audio sensors are working anyway” The voice voice replied.

“Doesn't look good though, It goes awol God knows where, then we find it in a storage crate messed up?” The footsteps indicate the person is directly in front of me.

“ Bit fishy if you ask me, higher ups won't say a thing, they just want it operational and on duty” Suddenly I close my eyes at the beaming lights directed at my eyes.

“Aha, there we go” I blink a few more times as my optics adjust to the lights are they are taken away from my vision.

The two Cyberlife Engineers look at me proudly, as they put some tools in a locker on the side wall.

“Okay, this time, Rk900 respond” I don't, I'm searching my programming and it's not giving me anything, I notice that there are some mazes of code rewriting itself over the original ones.

I look at the computer to see it's not even on. “I was sure that was it!” “Damn, overtime tonight then” They complained as an Assistant Android walks in dressed in a tailored suit and skirt.

Her hair tied up neatly in a bun, she smiles as she places a tray down with refreshments. The Engineers just nod at her, paying her little attention.

One of them is holding a pen in front of my face and moving it to see if I follow it with my eyes.

I do, until the Androids eyes meet mine, she stops, almost tripping over her feet and then quickly exits the room.

“Hey, not her, look this way please” I return my attention the the mundane checks, but the look she gave me had me wondering.

Late into the night the Engineers had fallen asleep watching sport on the television across the room. I paid it no heed, and decided to explore a little.

Being cooped up in one place two long is bad for your health.

The corridor was dimly lit, I followed it to the end and saw an open door, I could hear voices and laughter, when I stood in the doorway I was met with a curious scene.

The Humans were obviously actively engaging in some sort of activity my program had no knowledge of, I decided to leave them to it and walked out again.

“Hey!” I halted at the voice and turned around, the Female was adjusting her hair whilst the male approached me, surprise on his face, plus lipstick smudges.

“ They told me you weren't ready yet, Buffoons, can't even send a message” I tilted my head at the words, curious to what he meant.

“We should get you on Duty as soon as we can” The girl cleared her throat and made a wiping gesture to her mouth towards the male.

I copied the gesture without thinking and they both smirked at me.

“ You guys are like kids sometimes” The female giggled as she replaced her heels on her feet and both of them ushered me out of the room, whilst the Human wiped off the smudges around his lips.

I followed the now professional Employees as they escorted me to a hub terminal room.

My programming had defragmented the strange patterns of code and all my systems now functioned as they should.

It wasn't unusual for me to see the sight before me in the room, this was after all the first place I remember in existence.

There were numerous Rk900 Androids in the room on stand by mode, not been sent into duty yet, and I was one of them.

I had no memory of the incident the engineers spoke of, or why the other Android looked panicked at the sight of me making eye contact.

“ Rk900 stand by” The Human ordered as I stepped into the alcove a located to me. Every Android in the rooms l.e.ds lit up yellow, including mine as I closed my eyes and went into Standby mode.

I opened my eyes to an idyllic scene, it was a beautiful Zen Garden, with a small river running through it. Pink Sakura blossoms brightened the way towards the main structure away to the side.

White wooden lattices crept upwards with the marble, with many intertwining red roses in full bloom.

I was not alone here, two other Rk900 models stood to my left and we all seemed to know where to go, towards the roses.

A woman in middle age, dark skinned and adorned with white tiled necklace was spraying a chemical onto the flowers as we approached.

“Hello Amanda” one of the other of my models chimed our arrival. ‘Maybe we aren't all the same inside? I was going to approach quietly and try not to alarm her.

Possibly our unique experiences alter our perceptions of how to interact with others?

I will have to study this’ The Woman looked at us with a smile on her face that did reach her eyes, she had faith in us, that was extremely clear.

“Welcome” She greeted us “ This is our first real trial of your model,

after we stopped the Deviant War we realised we had to take more precautions and risks to prevent any more wars like this” She plucked a rose from the twines and held it out towards us.

“ Answer me, what do you see here” Her eyes showed curiosity towards us, ‘Truly if we are the same I expect we'd say the same?

’ The outspoken one of us spoke first “From the Genus Rosa, Mister Lincoln Hybrid, from the Tea variety” It was odd hearing your own voice from another,

his statement was a perfect Dictionary description of what she held in her hand. He smiled lightly, at Amanda, she node then walked to the Android next to me.

“And you?” “ This plant known as a Rose is renowned for its strong fragrance and its deep, uniform red color. It grows to about 1.2 meters high and 1 metre across.

The leaves are matte dark green. The buds are deep red and open up into large, velvety red, double blossoms. It has typically around 30 to 35 petals per flower.

It is a vigorous plant that performs well in all climates.

'Mister Lincoln' is hardy to zone 5-9 across the Earth” He responded with the same voice all our model have,

‘That was an impressive description’ I could see the outspoken Android was less smiling now, a thought occurred to me ‘Is this a competition? A Test?” My l.e.d

burned orange as she walked in front of me. The detailed Android beside me now had that smile on his face.

Why did I feel like I wanted to wipe it off? “ You?” She repeated, I felt my programming sending me the exact information the other two had acquired.

I had a sudden thought, which I decided to act upon.

I reached out and gently lifted the flower from her hand, I held it up in front of my eyes, slowly swirling it around, then I brought it to my nose and inhaled, closing my eyes as I did so.

The two Androids beside me looked confused at my actions, if Amanda did, she never showed it. I then felt the petals with my fingers, stroking one to the tip.

I opened my eyes and answered “ A fragile Rose, whose petals smell sweet, the touch of its petals are soft but texturous. A life taken from its host” Amanda 's eyes widened as she reclaimed the

flower from me, she looked at it, then each one of us in turn. “Your all correct” I couldn't use my scanner on Amanda, it never worked, so I had to use my knowledge of Humanity and what I could

Hypothesise. “The Deviants aren't gone, the problem still manifests and WE are the ones with the responsibility to stamp it out”

Continued in Chapter 3 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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