Detroit Dreams Chapter 8
Detroit Dreams Chapter 8 hankanderson stories

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Can Mike get through this without blowing his cover? What will happen?

Detroit Dreams Chapter 8

The reaction when we walked into the precinct was curious, there were many hushed whispers and glances at Connor.

Hmm, why am I having second thoughts? Hank went straight to his desk, whilst I was having a less than fun time trying to keep Connor from wandering.

”Okay, we have to go, the lead is hot on this one”Hank moved towards the exit quickly, I was hesitating, I can't leave him here like this.

Yes, I was worried about him, he's 1000% worse than I've EVER been. Hank stops and looks round “Connor?” My l.e.d is fluctuating wildly between colours, showing my indecision.

“Coming” I walk towards Hank, my l.e.d is now flashing red as I go against my own gut. Hank looks at me, obviously he's noticed my strange behaviour.

“Mike will be fine til we get back, we need to hurry” I just nod, I look back anxiously at Connor who seems happy, he's talking to one of the Detectives.

“Connor!” Hank barks, getting my attention back I follow him to the scene.

Oh My God, help. I look at the scene worriedly, whatever time means in this world it has the worst humour.

“So it's hiding out here?” Hank and an officer discuss the case, which just happens to be Connor's first meeting with Kara and Alice. My l.ed.

has been nothing but red and yellows since we'd left.

“We need you to help find these Deviants, they stole some Wire Cutters from the store over there and asked for a place to stay” I am honestly stunned, I don't want to find them,

but I have to try out my new abilities and try to keep my cover. “One moment” I say as I scan the area , I know where to go, but seeing the area in Android is fascinating.

Hank stays back with the officers, checking his tablet. I look at the abandoned car with interest, and I also find where Kara cut a hole in the fence.

I look at the house and make my way towards it, shit I forgot about Ralph!

I remember the Deviant with the knife as my scanners find blood trailing inside from a creature he killed to feed Alice.

Unlike Connor I have a huge phobia of blood, especially blood tests. I smirk, Hank will see through me, I'm licking NO blood. I enter silently, unlike Connor's entrance in game.

Ralph, Kara and Alice are at the table, upon hearing the door creak Ralph holds his blade up threateningly, more surprising is how quick Kara stands up pointing a gun at me.

“Who are you? What do you want? Why didn't you knock?” Ralph questions me as I slowly walk towards them, I raise my arms to show I am at their Mercy.

“Please listen, the police are outside there looking for Kara and Alice” They look shocked at me, then their looks turn suspicious. “How do you know our names?” Kara asks evaluating me.

“You wouldn't believe me if I told you” Ralph had advanced on me and grabbed me in a choke hold, knife at my throat. ‘Not how I was hoping this would go….'

Kara and Alice are torn between concern for me and the need to run. “You're one of them, what do you get warning us?” Ralph tightens his hold on me as I try to pry his arm off me.

Kara makes her decision and grabs Alice's hand and runs out the door.

“Just me and you now hmm?” ‘Shit Ralph, I didn't think you would kill one of your own?!' I was starting to panic as I heard a shout and then Hank rushes in, his gun aimed at the Deviant.

‘Oh no...Ralph!’ I now realised just what I'd done, if I didn't distract Hank away from saving me Ralph would be toast. “Let him go, NOW,” Hank ordered, his eyes not leaving Ralph.

I elbowed Ralph, making his hold meaningless, then threw him to the floor. “The Deviants got away! I'll deal with him, go!” I used urgency in my voice, inside I was pleading for him to leave.

He did, seeing that I had the upper hand on Ralph. I grabbed the blade from Ralph, and spoke softly to him.

“I had to do that, or they would have caught you, I may be one of them but I'm also one of you” Surprise was written all over Ralph's face as I held a hand out to help him up.

He complied and I offered back his blade, which he took. “Ralph be Happy” I clapped him on the shoulder then ran off outside after Hank, leaving a very confused Deviant behind.

We got back to the Precinct in one piece thankfully, Hank was ultra pissed off looking, and hasn't spoken a word to me since the Highway.

I'd never even proposed chasing after them, I knew it was deadly and I didn't want to risk lives. Hank sat down at his desk, his head in his hands.

I decided to leave him be and check on Connor, who had been on my mind since we'd left. I entered the break room and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Where is he? I travelled further down the hall and stopped as Gavin walked towards me “Detective?” Gavin was pale, ghostly.

He glanced and me and took a few steps back, fear and stress showing up from my Analysis. “ Demon! Get away from me” he backtracked and walked away from me. ‘Oh No’

“ANDERSON!” I heard Hank's boss yell, I knew it was a bad idea to leave Connor….

We were back at Hank's house, Connor was handcuffed to the radiator. Hank had walked into his room after handcuffing him, slamming the door behind him.

I looked at Connor, who didn't seem to be on this planet with the rest of us, he looked up at me and for the first time I swear I saw the old Connor look back at me.

I was wracked with guilt, I kneeled down next to him and took his hand and held it. “I'll fix this, I am sorry” I dipped my head down. Shit we need to get him fixed.

Hank walked up behind me, my l.e.d was Scarlet and blinking wildly. “I better call Cyberlife”I looked up, tears in my eyes.

“We'll discuss you later Micheal, getting Connor back is our first step”

I looked away from them in shame, my cover had been blown and I'd made them miserable. I was lucky to get away from the mission alive. The tears streamed down my face showing my regret.

I stopped crying as Connor touched my face in sympathy, making me smile sadly.

Cyberlife were quick to respond, Hank was obstinant that they where fixing him here and not back at the tower.

I had hid in Hank's bedroom cupboard, not that I was told to, but I was immensely afraid. I didn't get to know the details of what Connor did at the Precinct.

Just that Hank was on his last shot and if any of his ‘Pets’ fucked up they'd be sent straight back.

Connor had been restored to just before the probe, Cyberlife had info on me now and logs to prove it. I hadn't realised my time here might be up so soon.

Hank had convinced them not to act at the moment, but I'd have to think of a plan or Cyberlife might be the death of me.

They had found a way to contact me directly, if I hadn't already of known they could do this I would of thought I was dying. I was not in the cupboard anymore, at least my mind wasn't.

Before me was a pool of red, ‘Kamskis? Now why would I be here?’ The room was empty except for the man himself, walking towards me whistling a tune I recognised.

‘If I only had a heart’ It was from The Wizard of Oz, and referring to the Tinman.

“Oh what happened? Hmm?” It was a rhetorical question as he walked right up to me, he didn't care for personal space which delighted him when he saw my reaction.

I'd taken a couple of steps back from him. I was grimacing, I knew he was bad news but I had no idea how or why my mindscape had pulled me here. “42...

ah the one we couldn't activate, left to be scrapped, but it's fate lay elsewhere” He mused,

‘What a cocky son of a’ He raised his hand towards my red hair and smirked “A desire to be unique perhaps?” He then turned to the water, looking at his reflection.

“You see I decided I'd try out a new theory on some Duds… none worked, til you” I was curious and listened, but I wasn't letting my guard down.

“The first time a Soul from the Dead has been implanted into an Android….can you believe it?” Elijah was still looking into the reflecting water.

I felt anger, that couldn't be the reason I existed… “We messed up in cataloguing the Souls we'd gathered, for instance we had no idea the sense of past, Gender or self would transfer,

we thought it would be more of a new beginning…” He shook his head, it was obvious that the outcome was not the intended result. He turned to me “Your Human life is over, THIS...

New body is a miracle, MY miracle I might add. To think one day we can live forever in another form” He raised his arms skyward to proclaim the enormity of my situation.

He then asuredly smiled at me “I can give you your Android life, but stipulations will have to be made” I frowned, glaring at him, what an Evil man.

“Now…” My eyes went wide as he whispered in my ear, my programming kept making a horrible clicking noise over and over like someone was snapping their fingers.

I couldn't hear what he was saying, but the Android in me did.

“Mike what the Hell are you doing in there?” Hank knelt down bedside me by the cupboard. My arms were over my legs defensively, I was more afraid now than when I was at Kamskis.

The whole event had been conviently wiped from my memory, except the lingering feeling that's where I had been. I looked at Hank in fear, holding back tears that pricked at my eyes.

“Hey… It's alright” Hank tried to soothe me with his voice but it wasn't enough, Fuck holding back, I flung myself at him and held onto his chest.

Needing the comfort and reasurrance I had always needed in my former life. Hank smiled affectionately and patted my head, he must of felt awkward and unsure how to treat me still.

To be Continued in Chapter 9 I promise more funny stuff will happen, I just had a way to get the serious stuff out now instead of later! Feline Deviant

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