Detroit Dreams Chapter 7
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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams Chapter 7

I was busy sorting through my new coding software for the next few hours, it was like having your own escape room in your mind.

Usually us RK800 models are all linked to Cyberlife, but my connection had never been established so I was free of Amanda's belittling and manipulation.

So far my ‘room' is a meadow, filled with colourful flowers, the sky was bright and the sun was shining.

Are these landscapes the reflection of our mental states? Or do they change with the seasons?

I was mulling over my hair program which seemed to be broken, I couldn't change my hair in any way shape or form through the coding.

‘Nrgh’ I actually voiced that in annoyance as I stood up from my patch in the grass I'd been laying down in. Better go back and see if Hank has a hangover.

I closed my eyes and blinked a few times adjusting to being in Hank's living room as to being in my ‘Sanctuary’.

Something was very wrong here.I walked slowly towards the Kitchen, I heard my own voice, humming a tune I knew so well. It was ‘Lovely Day'.

I blushed deeply in the next step, there stood Connor wearing nothing but a Frilly Apron and some white socks.

He was mixing something in a bowl with a wooden spoon, “Sumo here boy” he called, not noticing me yet.

Sumo plodded over to him quickly as Connor lowered his fingers down and let the Dog lick them. Eww. All the while Connor had this look about him like he was enjoying being carefree and naughty.

I felt faint, especially when he turned around and walked to the sink. “Pfft” Okay….now, this shouldn't be, do my butt cheeks look like that? Damn.

If this was an Anime there would be Thirum dripping down my nose at this moment. Sometimes I'm glad I don't have the ‘parts to go with my new Gender.

Sumo goes back to lying down, whilst Connor continues on washing his hands then he suddenly notices me ogling him.

“Hey about time! Come see what I've made” I am shocked at the amount of natural emotion in his voice and behaviour.

What's wrong with him? I am so glad I'm not Human right now, I'd be utter mush. I brave it, keeping my eyes above chest level as I make my way over.

He's towel drying his hands, he gives me a sly look and grabs my hand pulling me over towards a tray of muffins and cookies.

“Nice huh? Hank will love them” I side step away from him, I am terrified of this ‘New Connor’ but at the same time I'm putty.

I look at the treats, and I feel miserable, no longer do I feel the Human need to eat, or crave sweet things I once loved.

He must have noticed my reaction, walking right up to me and holds me in a tight hug, I'm too shocked to move.

“Don't be shy! Here” Connor smiles at me, I'm so afraid, that provocative look he's giving me, like I'm his prey.

He takes each of my arms and wraps it around him, I want to scream, cry, faint….I'd be in a pool of my on Thirium on the floor if I could see what Hank has just walked in on.

Connor smiles whilst he holds my hand and places it on his butt cheek,then rests his head on my shoulder lovingly.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” I hear Hank yell and it makes me try to jump back from Connor but he's holding me firm.

“Mike! What the FUCK?!” I look at Hank, I want to die now, but Connor takes hold of my face in his hands.

Connor kisses me on the lips briefly then goes to the sink like nothing's happened.

I look sheepishly at Hank, I must be blushing, my heart rate is out of control, I rub the back of my neck just as Hank spots Connor’s ‘Assets.

He balks and looks away then looks back to see if it's really happening or not. “ Jesus...Im too hungover for THIS SHIT!” He looks at me worriedly then paces off shaking towards the bathroom.

Connor proceeds to make Coffee for Hank, whilst I slowly collapse onto the Kitchen table. That IS Connor, Right? I place my head on the table and slap myself once. Nope, not dreaming.

Hank comes back ten minutes later, dressed and in a daze. “I dunno what the fuck is going on, and Frankly I don't care…” Connor stops to look around and watches Hank in utter adoration. He sits on the kitchen counter, Apron falling off in places. Damn. Hank fumes.

“Michael, this manipulation of Connor stops RIGHT NOW!” I've never seen him look so fierce before, but wait, he's scolding Connor? Connor looks affronted, I swear I see tears in his eyes.

“Look, have your fun but don't hurt people's feelings and get them into trouble.

Alright?” I don't believe it, Hank thinks I'm Connor and Connor's me! Whatever goo goo eyes Connor used has worked, Hank is like a Teddy Bear compared to 2 minutes ago.

“I made these for you” Oh my, what a sweet sultry voice he's using….shit am I like this?! Hank smiles as the cakes, and ruffles Connor's hair in affection.

“I need to go out, be uh, ready to go when I get back” he voices to us both. My mind is whirring, I have an idea...

Connor, I love you but you made me grope your Ass and kissed me in front of Hank….You owe me this.

I turn on my ’Connor' act, “Yes Lieutenant, I'll make sure Michael is suitably dressed for your return” Hank gives me an assuring smile before grabbing a Muffin and heading towards the door.

“Wait!” Connor quickly fussed over him, straightening his collar and grooming through his hair, jeeze he's acting like...

a girl? Hank's cheeks redden but get worse when Connor gets on his tip toes and kisses him briefly on the lips.

“Come home soon!” Connor adds. Hank looks at me in shock as Connor makes himself busy in the kitchen all frills and uh, skin.

I tilt my head to the side pretending I haven't a clue, Hank clears his throat and leaves. I sigh, obviously the ‘Probe’ from yesterday has messed Connor up.

It seems he acts more extreme than I do though. I may think something, but wow, he just does it.

I smirk at Connor as he whistles a happy tune, I am sorry, but we're gonna have some fun… My smirk turns to mischievous grin.

I had a hard time convincing Connor to put on more clothes, all the while he was being seductive and I had to avoid several advances by him.

I noted that he didn't respond to any names, which made me hopeful that ‘Connor' was safe somewhere.

I'd decided that me tinkering with him would probably result in him getting worse, but I knew this chance would only come around once, so I did it. I am going to get Hell from both Hank and Connor later.

It would be worth it. We stood beside the hallway mirror side by side, Connor was admiring his hair, his uh pink hair. Where I used to have a red streak his hair was a shocking pink.

I couldn't convince him to use red so this will have to do.

“I think the precinct boys will love it” I commented, keeping my own personality reigned in, I'd have to play the perfect part of Connor for this to work out the way I wanted.

Connor kissed me on the cheek so quick I couldn't stop him. “Calm down, Hank will be back soon” I acted nonchalant, I tried not to look at him.

As I would either laugh or the guilt of what I was doing would eat me alive.

When Hank came home, Connor in his usual suit ran up to Hank and into his arms. Shit that's too cute.

I covered my mòuth quickly as I'd been unconsciously grinning at the sight. I'm not sure what is going to happen first, me breaking my cover or Hank seeing through it.

Is Hank gonna be fooled? I mean I switched jackets so our serial numbers don't get spotted, I hope this works. I also had to remind myself that for today I'm Connor not Michael.

“Jesus Micheal what is wrong with you today?!” Hank seemed iterated as he put Connor down and avoided his pushy advances to touch him. Wow, he has gotten worse, I'm sorry Connor.

I gave Connor a sad look, I did feel guilty, I had to remember that getting out on a mission would be worth it.

“What's with the Pink? Bored of Red already?” Hank muttered as he sat down on the sofa. Thankfully I'd thought to ask Connor to call me by his name, he complied all too easily.

“Connor said I should try to impress at the station” Shit, too truthful Connor! Maybe it won't be okay, he's too honest. I looked up and acted like it was a normal statement.

Hank raised an eyebrow towards me, I caught his eyes checking out my jacket. I was getting nervous, maybe this wouldn't work. “Well Connor, that's different” It was obvious he was suspicious.

“Michael was not willing to wear more clothes Lieutenant, I had to compromise” I could see he'd bought it, together with the jacket. Score one to me!

"Well more clothes is better...scratch that”Hank murmered. I hid a smile as Hank walked towards the front door, I had to keep my cool, although I was enjoying this thrill. Connor was already out the door before Hank reached it, he was skipping and singing.

“Let's get to work, then we'll discuss Michael's problems later” Hank surmised as he opened the car doors, “Got it” I replied blankly, just as Connor dragged me from the back of the car in with him.

He was getting harder to control. Hank adjusted his rear view mirror so he could see us both, he looked directly into my eyes. I felt fear and guilt as we drove to ‘our’ work, Connor cuddling into me.

"Wonder where he found that apron?" Hank said in thought as he started the engine. Yes Connor where did that come from? Are there other woman's things in this house? I pondered this as I wondered what chaos was to come...

To be Continued in chapter 8 Coming soon 👌❤💋 Feline Deviant

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