Detroit Dreams Chapter 6
Detroit Dreams Chapter 6 oc stories

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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams Chapter 6

I'm murmuring “Connor...Connor…”As I'm cocooned in Hank's Duvet on his bed. Hank stands beside the bed, smirking at Connor's embarrassed blush as I keep rolling about in the covers.

“Mike, oi Michael!” Hank places a hand on my face to give me a light tap. I wake up so suddenly I grab Hank into the bed and hug him tight.

“You're safe!”I hug my face into his in delight, still not quite with it.

My eyes open wide as my consciousness finally catches up to me, “Arrrgh!” I literally scream in Hanks face as I tumble off the bed and roll out onto the floor as the duvet comes loose.

“I see your feeling better” Hank groans getting off the bed. I blush seeing Connor and Hank looking down at me.

I get up and silently grab my things, all whilst Hank laughs softly at our discomfort.

I go to the kitchen table and hide my face using my arms, Hank follows and sits down across from me. Connor keeps his distance he watches us from the doorway.

“Micheal, you're stranger than normal lately, maybe just just need to let it all out? Hmm?

You've not said anything about yourself since we've met” I lower my arms away from my eyes, I'm looking at Hank gratefully, He's such a lovely guy,

my eyes flick to Connor in that thought and he looks away. I don't want to make Connor jealous, he's to sweet not to be if I hug Hank. I decide I'll leave affection til another day.

Hank is spot on with his words, I'm going crazy with my own thoughts and I'm frightened to share them. I get up from the table, which makes Hank sigh in disappointment as he thinks I'm leaving.

Instead I go to the fridge and grab a bottled beer and place it in front of him, along with the rest of them. “Get comfortable” I smile as I walk past them and flop on the couch.

“You coming?” I add as Hank shakes his head in exasperation “Sure...sure” he responds confused. I pat the couch. Hank joins me on the Sofa bringing the beer with him.

Connor sits on the furthest away arm.

After a half hour of small talk about nothing I decide to bite the bullet. Hank is on his second drink.

“I know I'm defective, I'm listed as one of your cases, I know you've been avoiding it” I raise an eyebrow at Hank as he takes a long swig from his bottle.

Connor lowers his eyes, he's been talking to Hank about reporting me to Cyberlife. I decide to continue as it looks like Hank wants to mull over his words before replying.

“As I think I've explained before, my memories are void but I have a feeling that won't leave, I'm sure I was human at one time,

and I was female too” Hank is now on his third drink and hasn't said a word during my explanation, in fact he isn't even looking at me. “So….

Yeah I'm going a little crazy, I thought I'd wake up from this that this was all a dream… so I'm still here, an Android, with a Human soul, no programming,

defective and wanting to be the uh..

way I feel, I still want to sleep, bathe, smell melted chocolate, urgh drink, eat I miss things, I feel like I can't be me” Tears prick at my eyes, as I've let them know how I honestly feel.

“Hey, cemere” Hank pulls me to him and hugs me whilst stroking my hair. I cry on him, finally being able to touch another person without stealing it feels good.

“So, Mike, I should treat you like a girl then?” Hank asks lifting my chin so my eyes look at him. I've stopped crying but I must still look sad as the look on Hank's face is very emphatic.

If this was a romance novel I'd worry he was gonna kiss me. It's Hank though, I'll be alright. “Um I like the way you've been with me, I suppose I have to get used to it” I realise that he's been a bit touchy feely with me since I've shown distress, I decide to shake it off.

Hank's arm is casually round my shoulder now. I peek at Connor, who is still on the arm of the Sofa, looking at the floor.

I hope he's alright, I wouldn't Want him to get jealous or feel left out.

“I'm thinking of trying to get some programming, I want to help you guys out” That makes Hank sit right up, Connor looks at me, interested.

“You want to help us catch Deviants?” Connor asks tilting his head to the side “Criminal ones yes” I reply with a little excitement. Hank and Connor share a glance.

“Look, I either get a purpose to this life or I turn myself in to Cyberlife and ultimately Die” I stand up looking back at both of them “I need this guys,

if I don't embrace this new life I'm gonna end it, one way or another” I get emotional and storm out into the backyard, wanting to be alone.

Hank grabs his Whisky bottle and takes a sip of it neat. “So Connor? Can you accept An Android Deviant who thinks it's a girl and acts Human?” Connor looks down at his shoes then back to Hank.

“I think I already have Lieutenant” Hank smiles, “Lets just expect some strange girl things, they are another species…” Connor looks confused for a moment then nods.

“Like calling out my name in a weird way” Connor says suddenly as Hank almost chokes on his drink, he coughs. “I think Mike is interested in sexuality” Connor adds, his tone flat. Hanks coughs again, and grins.

“Well, just be careful eh? Mike knows your Innocent” Hank gets up and claps Connor on the shoulder taking his bottle with him. “Innocent?” Connor whispers, not understanding the meaning.

Connor walks out to meet me in the backyard, I'm looking up at the stars, I love doing that.

“I might have a way to restart your programming” I look at Connor who is searching the night sky for what I was so interested in.

“Heh, I'm not that kind” I jest at him, giving him a small shove with my elbow. Connor looks to me utterly confused, it seems that is all I do to him these days.

I wonder if he just deletes all I say or wonders for days until he understands? “It will involve an invasive probe” I blush and look at him, for once I'm wondering if he's teasing me.

How can he have such a poker face?! “Oh really?” I say coyly, not wanting to fall to a trick.

“You'll have to bear your skin” Was this really happening? Maybe he doesn't realise what he's saying? “Uh huh” I murmur noncommittally, giving him an accusing look.

“Anything else I should know or do?” Connor gives me a sympathetic look, it just heightens my fear. “I hope it won't hurt” He walks inside, the door clinks as it closes behind him.

Okay, let's get this straight….I have to take clothes off to be probed by Connor and he hopes it doesn't hurt….

shit! I warily go back into the house, to see Hank passed out at the kitchen table.

Oh Goodie! Connor is standing behind me suddenly and I nearly jump out of my skin as he speaks “You can sit down” “Don't sneak up on me Bro!"

I sit next to Hank, I observe his drunken sleep with amusement, that is until Connor sits down across from me and looks at me expectantly.

‘?? Oh now? Wow you don't mess about’ I reluctantly remove my jacket and undo my shirt, putting them on the back of the chair.

I was relieved to see that this ‘probe’ was Connors thing that he did with his hand, not the other thing I was dreading.

“I've never done this before, but I'm confident I can at least activate some programs” I nod, I'm scared but I don't want to miss this opportunity to get ‘fixed’ I always want to be helpful.

Connor reaches for my arm, his hand reveals it's real Android skin as he grasps me, I feel cold, scarily cold, slipping….

My head hits the table hard as I shut down, my hair returning to it's factory setting, my eyes open are cold and lifeless.

Hank jolts awake and looks clearly at Connor and myself, seeing I'm topless and Connor gripping my arm tight.

“What the fuck?!” “It's alright Lieutenant, I'm in his software” Hank looks disgusted at Connor “That some form of foreplay?” Connor blinks at him, then focuses back on my programming.

Hank takes a drink, watching carefully. “Didn't realise you were into kinky stuff…” he muses to Connor whilst shaking his head.

I jolt awake, I'm in the kitchen still, ‘Oh...this isn't good’ I guess feeling sick is not how an Android should feel, I stagger to my feet holding the table for support.

I feel it kick in, the programming I've always sought, but I look through it, much of it is corrupted and is incompatible with my model.

‘Did Connor transfer his software to mine?! That's…’ I looked at my new abilities, they were there but unreliable, time limits, power drain. I truly am a defective Android.

Still I am grateful to Connor, at least I can help on some capacity. Hank wanders in from his bedroom and looks me up and down.

“You alright?” I smile at him, “Yeah Connor really helped me out” Hank looks confused then clicks.

“Did you really have to get half naked though?” I shrug, “Connor says I needed to show some skin, I never know how much is right so…” Hank gives me an unimpressed look, I smile mischievously.

"Please don't make him do weird stuff” I laugh at Hank's accusation “Who me? Never…”I grin whilst replacing my clothes.

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