Plans of the serpent Written by Felicia Mead
Plans of the serpent

Written by Felicia Mead  horror stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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This story is about the tricks of the devil..

Plans of the serpent Written by Felicia Mead

He's always lurking around when you least expect it.... He's watching and Waiting...

He appears to be harmless... But he always has a plan....

He's always looking He always finds the one person who allows him to enter there mind....

He wants to enter her mind... She fought with herself.. She didn't want to hear what he had to say... But he Sparked her intrest...

She allowed him to talk to her ... He convinced her to sell her soul ... For exchanges of wonderful gifts beyond her imagination.

Money money money money She'd never experienced so much money...

She's lived a lavish lifestyle... Until that moment came...

She wasn't aware of everything that came with that lifestyle ... She never had a peace of mind... Didn't have any more freedom... Darkness continued to grow around her.. she killed her self. .

Then the serpent appeared to her in his true form...... There was nothing she could've done....

Her body burns in Hell in the lake of fire...... Screaming for a small drop of water..........

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