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Something we can all probably relate to given the past year we've had.

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Locked inside a darkened room, head upon my chest.

My eyes are swollen from the tears, defeated and depressed.

Hung up by chains from wall to wall.

How much lower, can I fall?

There's no hope for me, my fight is done.

Are you happy now that you've won?

Hope is such a curious thing.

As there's no telling when winter will turn to spring.

Just let it go and loosen the screws.

Maybe once in a while let yourself be amused.

Mirth and merriment that's the way.

Become as free as the gay flowers on a summers day.

Locked inside a darkened room, head upon my chest.

The creator of this room is me.

Whenever I want, I can just walk free.

It is mine, and I the measure

After all is said and done, life is such a luxurious treasure.

The measure of the little while

That I've been long away.

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