What gives them the right?
What gives them the right? s t u c k stories

featherandink Just starting to write down thoughts...
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The feels get me it’s too strong I need to yell out but my words are caught

What gives them the right?

They come to me and demand I do this. They stomp up to me demanding I follow. They yell at me and demand I speak for them.

What gives them the right?

Who gives them the right?

Don’t they understand?

Don’t they know how busy I am with lacking motivation? Don’t they understand my will to fly? Don’t they know how hard it can be to make noise when all is silent?

How troubling it is to speak when all sound dismissed with a wave and a block in the throat preventing sound in how it feels to be choking on your own words as air thickens to rock.

Don’t they understand?

Why do they think it’s their right to demand so much from me as I struggle to even breath?

That’s the problem they don’t even notice…

… even as I fall to my knees…

… and my face turns blue.

My silence is kept…

… my fears are silent.

Don’t they understand?

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