Love with strings attached
Love with strings attached sad stories

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You were once mom. You were once compassionate.

Love with strings attached

You were once mom.

You were once compassionate.

You were once ours.

And we were once yours.

Then you lied.

Then you walked away.

Then you betrayed.

Then your priorities changed.

Now, things will never be the same.

But did you ever stop to think, that the girl you were hurting was the little girl that was once yours?

You were her first heartbreak.

You were her first lie.

You were her first glimpse of reality.

You were her first loss.

I grieve what you once were.

I grieve what could have been.

I grieve my mom and friend.

I grieve the love we once had.

But now you are gone.

Now you have changed.

And now, so have I.

My shell is hard and has scars.

Scars from words, threats, empty promises.

Similar to the sun breaking through the clouds, I peak through to see if you are still there but I am reminded to retreat into the prison I've created.

The little girl you know is in me, but you'll never have the pleasure to meet her again.

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