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Welcome to the SymbolVoid undertale stories
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Welcome to the SymbolVoid






Hello traveler. It seems that you have reached the end of existence, the end of the Multiverse. Congratulations are in order.

Where are you? This place used to have a name, but that disappeared right along with its inhabitants (besides myself, of course).

Now it is a void of sorts, though I guess is counts as an AU within itself. It is now known as SymbolVoid. SymbolVoid is my home in a way, though I don't spend much time in it.

I'm usually out and about, watching the Multiverse. I watch mostly for entertainment, though I do keep an eye-socket out for dangerous happenings.

The last thing I need is for the entirety of the Multiverse to disappear and leave me bored and alone. Who am I? You can call me.... Symbol, for now.

Anyhow, I believe that I should reward you for getting here to SymbolVoid, and there is no better reward than knowledge. Make yourself comfortable.

When the Multiverse was started by the original Undertale and its timelines, there sprouted an AU called "Warriortale" .

In this AU, the monsters had pushed from the underground and engaged the humans in a war for the surface. There were two mighty leaders on each side.

The monster king was a powerful skeleton with the name Sans, and the ruthless opposing human queen was named Chara.

The two armies fought so viciously and for such an extended period that they attracted the attention of an otherworldly visitor, who fed on death and despair.

The visitor was intoxicated by the stench of suffering within Warriortale, and he stayed to watch. Things were going poorly for the monsters.

Many were dead or dying, and the hope of winning the war became slimmer and slimmer.

The visitor ,sensing the king's despair and growing tired of watching Warriortale, summoned another bEiN(ERROR)g. They spoke, and they came up with a plan.

The new VISItoR approached the king and offered him a weapon to defeat Chara with. It took the form of a glitched black ball. The VIsitoRR then disappeared, strangely asking no price.

It was then that Sans should have seen HImmM dangerous, but he was blinded by the love of his people, friends, and family. The next day, Sans challenged the queen to a duel, and she accepted.

The fight that ensued lasted for three full days, and on the third Sans finally fell. He pulled out the mysterious ball and activated it just as the queen's weapon hit his eye.

Sans took immense damage, but then the weapon detonated. The entire AU of Warriortale and all its timelines imploded into its center, where Sans lay dying.

All the power within this AU and its timelines got shoved into Sans's SOUL, reviving him, and giving him incredible strength.

But his family, his friends and his home were gone, replaced by an empty space at the end of the Multiverse. Sans had changed, and he had shed his old name in favor for a new one: Scribble.

His powers were more immense than anybody could ever guess.

Not just in brute strength, though his magic with Gaster Blasters, Bone summoning, levitation and warping were generous,

but in an ability that made him almost impossible to defeat: he could halt and contain the powers of other beings completely.

He had two forms: Symbol!Sans, a form with the primary color of purple that could warp, levitate, summon Bones, and summon Gaster blasters, as well as move between AU's.

The other form was born from rage, grief and pure DETERMINATION, a being known as Level!Sans.


Sans could render any other being completely powerless, could create and destroy easily,

could summon Gaster Blasters who shot power darker than night and bones that could pierce the strongest shield. Level!Sans had no SOUL, conscious nor MERCY.

Level!Sans could only be reached by Scribble if Scribble were willing to let his control, his SOUL be shoved back and forgotten.

Do you understand to whom this story belongs to? The first form that I named Symbol!Sans, is one that you see me in now.

The second form, Level!Sans, is a being of pure power, with little physical form. I am Scribble the skeleton, Symbol!Sans, Level!Sans and Warriortale Sans.

I am the in-between of Destruction and Creation.

Come again, my friend, and I will tell more stories. I'll watch out for you. Try not to die, as I rather enjoy your company.

Do you want to know who the two visitors of the story were? I will tell you. The first feeds on nightmares, a devourer of the dark and desperate.

The second visitor revels in destruction, the AU devourer. He is the glitch. Say hello to them for me, will you? Tell them to remember Warriortale and what they did to it.

Tell them to expect me. Tell them that I remember. Tell them that I always will. Remind Error and Nightmare who they left behind.

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