Shatter: Prologue
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feartheunknown2 The proud Irishman
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The Prologue/teaser.... Enjoy!

Shatter: Prologue

Darkness. Void. Null. If one were to try to light a match here, it would simply break. The oppressively large amount of nothingness stretched on into infinity on all sides.

Time does not exist here. Matter isn't supposed to either. And yet, in the middle of the endless blackness, there is a figure.

It is much like a skeleton, with a black shawl draped over it's shoulders. A long crack runs up it's left eye, while a matching crack runs down it's other.

The eyes of the being themselves are as blank as the vacuum around them. In fact, this particular denizen seems to have been here so long that it has begun to mirror it's surroundings.

It dripped, like a material halfway between melting and freezing. It changed constantly. No height or weight could be accurately used in description of this being.

The thing turns around, looking surprised as another figure drifts towards it. The newcomer is most definitely a skeleton, albeit a strange one.

It's left eye was a triangular shape, and inside it were an array of colors, moving around in a spastic manner.

The other was an average eye socket, with the exception of a light purple dot in the center that apparently worked as a pupil.

The second skeleton wore a hoodie and shorts composed of differently colored materials, all shifting in size and color randomly.

The bones of the skeleton, with the exception of its' eyes and teeth, were also multicolored.

"Hello," spoke the first creature. It's voice seemed to be everywhere at once, and it spoke in the language of Wing Dings. "How did you get here?"

The newcomer cocked it's head for a second, and then replied in the same language, "My body was stolen."

The first looked at the second, and then nodded, apparently satisfied. "I know who you are," The first said slowly. "What happened to your Universe was.... Unique."

The second skeleton looked confusedly at the first. "How do you know this?"

The first being beckoned the second closer. "Here, one may see nothing but darkness if they do not know how to look.

All you have to do to truly see through it is peer at the dark a little harder."

The newcomer looked closer at the dark, eyes brightening a little, and then froze, mesmerized. Instead of darkness, there was life.

Uncountable amounts of images and sounds flowed past, creating something reminiscent of sweet music.

The newcomer smiled, and the first skeleton said in reply, "It is there, like water running under thin ice. You can access it, meaning that you can see everything in existence.

All of time, all of matter. This gives you a responsibility, my friend. And if you bear this responsibility, I will help you."

The newcomer looked at the other suddenly. "You.... will? What is the price?"

The first looked at the second with extreme intensity. "Protect this multiverse from those who threaten its balance. You see, while it may seem invincible, the multiverse is quite delicate.

If a balance is put off, the equilibrium of everything as we know it will follow. Brightness, darkness, and fate are all equally helpless. What do you say? A favor in exchange for a favor?"

The newcomer thought for a second, and then nodded. "I agree with your terms.... I never got your name, partner. What is it?"

"I am Pendulum!Gaster,

and you are Truesight!Sans."

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