Forgotten Underneath: An Undertale Story part 1
Forgotten Underneath: An Undertale Story part 1 undertale stories

feartheunknown2 The proud Irishman
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Forgotten Underneath: An Undertale Story part 1

Hello, traveler. Miss me?

It is I, Symbol!Sans, and today I have quite the tale for you.

It all begins in another Universe, inside another Timeline, far beyond the reaches of distance and logic. This Universe was named Undertale. In Undertale, there were two species.... Monsters and Humans.

We both know where that story goes, don't we?

I'll start further in. After many humans falling down, a seventh child fell into the underground. This human had no regard for the Monsters, and slaughtered them all. But, there is a twist.

See, this human had the ability to do something called RESET, and with this ability they wiped the Universe clean and killed the monsters all over again. And again. And again.

You see where this is going?

After around seventeen hundred RESETs, two of the Monsters remembered.....

One was a squat Skeleton named Sans.

The other was a massive king named Asgore.

The two monsters decided to put a stop to these "Genocide Routes", no matter the cost.

They gathered the captured human SOULs and used them to trap the hellbent human with themselves in a separate, pocket dimension where death did not exist.

Here, they fought in an eternal battle, with no hopes of escape. They fought happily, however, knowing that their loved ones were safe from the scourge.

Sixty years later

Having lost the human SOULs, the monsters lost their only escape. They had slowly receded into madness, starvation and hopelessness. Few survived, and those who did wished for death.

Meanwhile, in the pocket dimension, Sans and Asgore had become something.... not themselves. Insanity had clouded them.

They were constantly consumed by bloodlust, sometimes even turning on each other. It seemed that this viscous cycle would never end....

Until, very suddenly, it did.

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