Prisoner: Chapter Three: Fear
Prisoner: Chapter Three: Fear rose stories

fayoth 25, been writing since i was 16.
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Rose Barrett struggles with the death of her mother that happened several months ago. Not knowing how to cope she turns to reckless behavior that leads her into the arms of a mysterious, enticing man, Cole. Entranced by his beauty and rebel ways, Rose is oblivious to Cole's dark nature. But Cole's secrets are deeper than they seem.

Prisoner: Chapter Three: Fear

This chapter is in another character's point of view.

I wake with a start from a deep sleep. Tiny little paws knead my chest softly, Celeste. I smile to myself in the darkness.

She purrs as I tenderly caress her furry face. I breathe in deeply before I look over at my phone, 1:28 am shines back at me in bold white.

"You have to stop waking me in the middle of the night." I couldn't help but laugh when she meows as if to say no to me.

I continue to rub her shiny white coat as her purrs become louder, "You're the only one who understands me, love."

The light from my cell phone shines off her bright eyes as she looks up at me. My body without warning becomes heavy and I start breathing erratically. An attack?

Oh shit.

My mouth moves to yell for Willow but then my breathing halts as if an unseen force wraps its long fingers around my neck. Celeste hisses and jumps off me, hurrying out the door.

I hear her run down the stairs to the living room.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I gasp in the darkness, gripping my sheets.

Can't move. Don't... Please...

Someone else's thoughts penetrate my mind as I lay helpless.


Flashes of distorted images fill my mind as invisible hands hold me to my bed.

Hands around my throat. Two men surround me... no three. Indistinct voices chattering among themselves; gruff, angry voices.

"Fuck!" Scorching hot pain radiates through my skull, down my neck. The pressure on my body lets up; I immediately grip my head in agony.

"What the fuck," was all I could get out as the throbbing pain had no sign of letting up.

"Help!" a scratchy voice begs, through a collapsing throat.

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