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fayalittle Hello.
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There's a place I wish I knew, a place I sometimes crave ...

Do you know ...

There's a place I wish I knew A place I sometimes crave, not to run away or hide

But to stay.

I don't know where, what or who this place is But I picture it to have my innocence, my confidence, and youth.

Something I feel I lost long ago.

I imagine it to be as warm as spring in mid-day with the fragrance of a childhood smiles, grass stains, the damp of dirt from the rain while a projector plays my best memories on the big screen.

You know

The ones we forget.

I want to go there because lately I don't want to be here.

I can blame it on the cold mornings or the lecture notes pending in my laptop.

I can say I'm tired of molding every inch of me into the couch Or I'm sore from breaking every part of me, and you'll blame it on something childish,

Ask me what I want What I want to do Where I want to go.

And my mind will echo with this place I don't know.

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